Monday, July 19, 2010

I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year.

I'll be in San Diego for The San Diego Comic Con for the rest of the week and I wanted to give you another fun filled post before I go back in to travel mode. I thought what a better idea to give you a nice list of friends and awesome writers to look through while I'm gone. Whithout further adieu:

This is a unique summer. I've never traveled this much in my life and I've never met so many awesome people. In tribute to that, I felt the need to pimp some of them. And it's only been seven months. Holy cow! Thank you everyone! Keep in mind it's taken me a week to write this so if you're not on this list it's not because I dont love you, it's because this is taking forever and I'll put you on the next list in a few months. (In no particular order)

O.M. Grey
The wonderfully mysterious O.M. Grey wrote a wonderful paranormal steampunk novel called Avalon Revisited. She's in some secret talks right now so the only way to get a paperback copy of Avalon Revisited is to see her at an event. If anyone in Texas would like to meet her, Ms. Grey and I will be sharing a table at the Texas Book Festival this year.

David Blalock
I met Mr. Blalock at the first con I ever attended as a guest. (Shadowcon in Memphis TN) He was part of a regional writers travel group called Imagicopter which I joined up with the following week. Look for his fantasy adventure novel, Ascendant and his new book soon to come out entitled "Emperor". Speaking of Shadowcon which I have a soft place in my heart for, I'll be the Writer GoH next year. *Stoked*

Elizabeth Donald
Author of the super freaky "The Cold Ones". I highly recommend this novella. I met Elizabeth at MidSouthCon in Memphis TN and later again at Steamposium in St. Louis. She's an awesome person to be on a panel with! She's also a driving force in The Literary Underworld. Buy lot's of books from them! Buy lot's of books from them!

Daniele Serra
This amazing Italian artist did a promo piece for my horror novel, "Fallon" and has been cranking out ultra dark art for comics, books, and a million other forms of media. Think Darkhorse Comics style illustrations and Clive Barker. Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that. I originally met Dani through myspace... does that age me? See his work at

Teresa Burrell
The day I met my publisher in February of 2009 was the day I met Teresa Burrell. She radiates inspiration and is literally an unstoppable force in everything she does. I seriously look up to Teresa and can only hope to see her on the road again soon. She writes awesome Legal Suspense Mysteries and her second book, The Advocate's Betrayal just came out. Take a look.

Kimberly Richardson
I heard about Kimberly since day one. Author of "Tales from a Goth Librarian" Kimberly is a must see at a reading. I was lucky enough to see her read at Anachrocon in Atlanta and I've never seen anyone get into there readings like she does. She uses character voices and pauses like no one else. Really, you need to see this. She's also the engineer of Kerlak Publishing's Dreams Of Steam anthology coming out... really soon. (I need to mention that I have a story in that anthology called, Engine 316)

Ensign Sparklebunny
Let me introduce the super secret brain trust, workhorse, Consigliere, marketing master, pin-point smart bomb of Thomas Riley. The Good Ensign and I have been on many adventures together, so you may see him out at some events. Just know that the entire adventures of this humble author would not have been possible without Ensign Sparklebunny.

Emilie P. Bush
The author of "Chenda and the Airship Brofman", Emilie invited a very nervous Nick Valentino to be on some panels at Chattacon including a fabulous Tesla vs. Watt Debate that I somehow won! Anyway, she provided me with a lot of great opportunities and a great friend! I'll be speaking with her at The New Voices in Steampunk Panel at Dragon Con this year.

Elizabeth Darvill
As per my interview with her, I met Liz at The World Steam Expo. I have a lot in common with grassroots aggressive authors and Liz not only goes EVERYWHERE but she just released a new e-book called "Love In The Time Of Steam" on Tease Publishing and she just signed a two book deal with Harlequin! I totally can't wait for that. You don't want to miss out on her... very steamy goodness! I'll be at Gencon as well as Steamcon this year with her.

Stephen Zimmer
Back in the day I used to play in a band and our manager was none other than Stephen Zimmer. When that all went to hell, I lost touch only to be sitting next to him at MidSouthCon years later. Check out his epic fantasy books Crown of Vengeance, Storm Guardians and The Exodus Gate. Awesome fantasy that you don't want to miss!

Geek Details
Amanda was vending tables of wonderfully crazy stuff at Steamposium and was super nice. We met up again at Origins and she made some limited edition "I heart Thomas Riley" buttons, which was freaking awesome. We handed them out to the most rabid fans at Origins and at CONvergence. You must check out Geek Details for some really awesome prints, buttons, luggage, and other goods that you WILL NOT find anywhere else.

Frenzy Universe
Another Steamposium friendship (Good place to meet great people by the way.)the Frenzy Gals have become really good friends. Not only are they amazing people but they seriously have some of the best steampunk/victorian clothes and goodies out there. Come see them at Gencon in Indianapolis (I'll be at their booth all weekend) and at Steamcon in Seattle this year. Click their name to go to their website. Awesome! Yeah Detroit!

Sara Harvey
Sara is a highly praised author writing with Apex Books See: The Labyrinth of the Dead and The Convent of the Pure. She has tons of amazing material coming out so definitely take a moment and check out her work. Sara and I originally met at the first Mechanical Masquerade in Atlanta GA. I sat next to her and had no idea she was from my home town. I vended next to her again at Divergence II in Nashville several months later. I'm really looking forward to her new material! Click here!

Syrens of the South
These ladies were awesome enough to have me to their first steampunk event in Atlanta called, The Mechanical Masquerade. Even through the pouring rain over 200 people showed up for the premier of this one night event. Burlesque, vendors, dancing, contests, photos, costumes... You name it it was there. If you're in Atlanta make sure you go to one of these bi-monthly events.

Angelia Sparrow
I met Angelia at MidSouthCon where I was on a few panels with her. She's the author of a bunch of wonderful books, my favorite being "Alive on the Inside". Watch out, she writes incredibly scary, twisted and shocking, romance stories that may have you literally hiding under your covers.

Bethany Greenier
Bethany is the author of the YA steampunk novel "Sings With Stars". We met at the World Steam Expo and her enthusiasm was contagious. Check out Sings With Stars to find out about the extraordinary life of Gigi and her super natural adventures.

Karen Syed
Last but definitely not least is Karen Syed. Please note that none of this... and I mean none of this would be possible without Karen. literally, Thomas Riley would be sitting on my self, this blog would not be here and you would not be reading it without Karen. She's the first person to take a risk with me and by doing so my life and the lives of plenty of others has changed. Friends, family, readers, fans, haters, con goers, etc... Their lives would be at least slightly different without Mrs. Syed. We met at The Southern California Writers Conference and if you're a writer I suggest you check that out for yourself.

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