Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The 32 Days of Halloween

Every year during the month of October and the few days surrounding it, Lizzie and I make it a point to only watch horror movies in honor of our favorite holiday. Halloween! The awesome part is we get to discover a lot of good movies that we'd never give a chance before. This year was no different. we laughed at some and were quite impressed with the others. Here's the breakdown for 2014:

The Signal
The Haunting of Helena
Rosemary's Baby (the 4 hour miniseries one)
Silent Hill Revelation
A Haunting at Silver Lake
A Hunting in Connecticut Ghosts of Georgia (Yeah, the title confuses me)
The Bell With Haunting
American Mary
The Awakening
Devil's Pass
Children of The Corn
Forbidden Girl

Apparently, this was the year of the "Haunting" movies.

The finalists for the best of the bunch are:
The Signal
American Mary
Devil's Pass

And the winner is:
American Mary
A weird, gory story of a med student that gets into the world of body modification not only for revenge.

The Big Loser for 2014 was;
Forbidden Girl
Talk about lame, and bad acting, overacting and not in a funny way. Just bad, so bad in fact, I can't remember much of the plot. Perhaps because there wasn't much of one. The pic below looks much cooler than it was.

So check the top 4 out. Although some of them might be a bit low budget, Bloodwork (Not Clint Eastwood) and Devil's Pass, were pretty cool takes on some fresh horror ideas.

Devil's Pass

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Dreadfuls

Lizzie and I are so excited to announce the arrival of our new website for our new quarterly publications of The Dreadfuls. The Dreadfuls are a fresh take on the Penny Dreadful but with new stories, new monsters and new adventures. 

We want to provide inexpensive yet quality publications every four months delivered straight to your mailbox that not only gives you fresh stories but also an array of new twists for your entertainment.

The Naughty Dreadful

Each issue of The Naughty Dreadful has a spicy (18+) short story in it as well as Victorian-esque tips for ladies. The first issue features practical beauty tips that may have been forgotten through time. To add to the excitement, each naughty dreadful comes with a custom sexy color photo shoot inside each edition. Yes, a centerfold if you will. But wait, there's more! To add to your ocular pleasure, every issue will have full color posters from the photo shoots with pictures not in the magazine (sold separately and once again quite inexpensive)

The photo shoots are done by some of the brightest and most talented photographers in the region, professional makeup and we feature some of the most red hot up and coming models in the industry. Lizzie wrote the first story, The Sanguine Deceit, a twisty yet sexy yarn about a mysterious woman that ends up on the doorstep of a lady inventor.

The Scary Dreadful

Want a little more chills in your read? The Scary dreadful features a braand spanking new spooky story from some of the best Steampunk and Horror writers in the underground and will feature custom art from new talented artists in every issue. I had the pleasure of writing the first story, called The Age of Wonder, about an private investigator in Lexington, Kentucky that encounters some otherworldly artifacts that lead him to a life changing and world altering adventure.

The best part is our website is NOW UP AND RUNNING! Check it out for more information on each issue as well as a store where you can get individual issues, posters and Yearly subscriptions for a very reasonable price! 

We debuted The Dreadfuls at this year's Steamposium in Seattle and it was a huge success! So, if you'd like to get something fun in your mailbox, check out an issue of The Dreadfuls at the website!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Sadly, 2013 was the end of the Steamcon, the con that started it all for steampunk conventions. That left a huge void in Seattle for a large steampunk-centric convention. I was overjoyed to hear that a new one called Steamposium was going to try their hand at it at a convention center right on the pier in downtown.

Like so many cons, I can't say enough good things about it. First off, the staff was shockingly amazing. This was Steamposium's first year and everyone was over the top kind and helpful in every way. The convention center itself was magnificent, a large beautiful place with huge windows, and easy access for all the events. We were located in the artist alley area, with the other authors and artists and I have to say we were pleased as punch to see so many of our old friends as attendees, panelists and vendors. It really was some of the cream of the crop all the way around.

We did well selling our brand new Naughty and Scary Dreadfuls and the entire con was so laid back. There was no pressure from any direction. When there was a slight parking mishap, the con's executive producer personally met us and helped us navigate to our space. For a guy that had everything riding on the con's success, he was the calm, cool and like the rest of the staff, so nice.

While we spent most of the days in the vendor area, we were able to catch the Firefly panel which was awesomely timed right when the vendor hall closed. It was such a treat to see Jewel Staite and Sean Maher speak. After attending we headed back to our hotel, changed and ran right back out for dinner at the once upon a time morgue turned Irish pub, Kell's. Awesome food by the way. We attended the late night birthday ball with music and bar.

We were able to sneak out and see steampunk model, Kato and her steamgirls in their custom made lounge and I got to meet Sean Maher! Yes, the wonderful actor that played Simon on Firefly and the inspiration for my character, Thomas Riley. I was nervous but he was so nice he quickly put me at ease and I was actually able to give the man that inspired Thomas Riley a copy of the book! I got a picture with him and as I was walking away, he stopped me and asked me to sign it... I about fainted. What an honor! Yes, I fanboyed a bit but it was such a great experience! I'll never forget it. And it was a super awesome treat to see John Strangeway, AKA Steampunk Boba Fett, our friend from Atlanta running around being amazing. He even took the time to do a mini photo shoot with the kids and sign pictures for them. We hope to see you soon John!

The con was wonderful and it was successful! We heard they are already planning next year. So stoked to go back. There's not enough thumbs up I can give the entire con.  Before this gets too lengthy, on with the pictures!

Check out this spot on the news about the con:

Lizzie looking amazing outside by the pier. 

Me with Sean Maher!!!!!

The Kids got to meet Jewel Staite! and her puppy Charlotte. 

Lizzie and her brother Brian in our hotel.

Me with the one, the only, the amazing Steampunk Boba Fett

The kids got to meet Kato and the Steam Girls

Lizzie by the fire escape in the hotel. Yes, they served free beer and we could walk around with it. 

A selected shot from the kids/steampunk boba fett mini photo shoot. 

Us with our good buddy Andy

A customer inspecting the centerfold for our Naughty Dreadful

Steampunk is for everyone

This lady Dressed as Jayne. Epic Costume

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Advertising and Updates

First off I need to make a call for anyone that would like to get some free advertising for their project. Lizzie and I are working on a cool project that we will reveal at Steamposium in Seattle on Sept 26th. We're looking for anyone that has a book, project, movie, short film, website. store, anything etc... We will make your ad for you, we just need to know what you'd like to advertise and what you'd like to say in the ad. So please, anyone that would like some free exposure, shoot me an email.

We even did a photo that you're sure to like. Here's a behind the scenes shot:

Secondly Lizzie will be re-releasing her short Depths of Passion and she has a shiny new cover! We'll let you know when it will be available. Behold the awesomeness:

Ooh! I have a new author pic which I'm pretty excited about. My last one is quite old so it's nice to have an updated one. The cool thing is I should have new ones more frequently now.

In the next blog I will explain this.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Steamposium and more

Lizzie and I are very excited to be panelists and vendors at this year's Steamposium (Steampunk Conference) in Seattle! With the amazing Steamcon now sadly gone, we are so happy that there is a dedicated steampunk conference in our area. We don't yet know what panels we'll be on yet but I'll give a more detailed blog when we find out. Steamposium is going to hold a lot of cool things for us, Lizzie has a new anthology of her work coming out and we have two super secret surprises which I'm dying to talk about but can't just yet. If you're in the area we'd love to see you. The conference runs from Sept 26-28 and features guests Sean Maher (Simon from Firefly), Jewel Staite (Kaylee From Firefly) and Kato (Steamgirl) so you won't want to miss this is you can help it. Check out their site here.

Post Cards
My friend and author Mandi Lynch is trying to get 1000 postcards this year. So if you have a postcard lying around from your area or one from your travels, send her one. (Everyone likes real mail!) Here's her info-graphic.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The New House

I've been pretty silent on the internet lately because Lizzie and I have been searching for a new house. Due to our last landlord selling our old place early we scrambled to find a suitable new one with the quickness. We found a really cool gem an exit up from our old place and I'm happy to report we couldn't be happier. It fits our needs perfectly and it has a forest and a horse pasture. Pretty stoked since the woods around the house have trails and secret Narnia-esque clearings all through it. It's like our own playground/fortress of solitude all in one. So while I get back to blogging regularly, here are some pics of the new digs henceforth named "La Petite Ferme De Lapin"

Front views

Monday, June 9, 2014

Jay Lake

While this is quite late in the scheme of things, I wanted to make a post about the award winning science fiction/steampunk/clockpunk author and all around awesome guy, Jay Lake. I didn't know Jay that well, although Elizabeth and I were on a really fun "What is steampunk, clockpunk, cyberpunk etc" panel with him at Steamcon 2 in Seattle. In that panel, we came up with the quite hilarious "Coffeepunk" genre together. (I have pictures from that panel, but I can't currently find them.) Grrrr

About six months before Thomas Riley and The Maelstrom came out, I sent Jay an email asking if he might give a blurb but due to his health, he said he wouldn't be able to do it. It was the kindest and most thoughtful rejection I ever got. After that, I followed Jay from his blog and Facebook where I learned about his battle with cancer. He spoke frankly about his illness which I found brave and even as horrible as it was that anyone should have to go through what he did, his blog posts to be passionate and unapologetically honest. He gave an ultra detailed account of his experience with cancer, physically, mentally and socially. It's an eye opener for sure.

Sadly, Jay passed away on June 1, 2014 and I write this as a tribute, a thank you and a call for you to celebrate Jay's life and talent. Jay has a ton of good books and stories and I implore you to check his work out, whether it be his books or his blog. Rest in Peace Jay, thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Jay Lake's Website/Blog

Jay Lake Books