Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chattacon and So Much More

What do I say? For some reason I always go into things, especially cons with and attitude that it may be the most terrible thing ever. So far, every time, I've been wrong. I mean it's a con. How bad could it ever get? So Chattacon was a blast. I met some really great people and met back up with people I met a week ago in Atlanta at the Mechanical Masquerade.

The Good People
So let me take a moment to introduce you to them. Fist off, Bill Harrison and Krista at Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Co. (And Beer Pouring Masters) were directly next to my booth. Good people and I purchased a small firearm for protection against rival pirates. Thank you for the quality weaponry! Here's Bill with an impressive collection of home made steampunk weapons. (Staff photo by Angela Lewis/Chattanooga Times Free Press)

Also, the ladies and gentlemen from The Syrens of the South were vending. I attended the Mechanical Masquerade in Atlanta GA last weekend and it was a great time. So anyone reading this in Atlanta or the surrounding areas. Make sure you go to the next Masquerade. I'm pretty sure the next one is March 27th so be sure to attend!

I did two panels moderated by Emily Bush, the fabulous writer of Chenda and the Airship Brofman. Steampunk Literature with Emilie Bush and Kathryn Fernquist Hinds. Also I was part of the Tesla Vs. Watt Debate with Emilie Bush moderating and Arthur Hinds (wonderful musician and steampunk maker in the band Emerald Rose. And get this... somehow I won the debate by 1 point. (Personally I thought I was doomed.) Anyway, you all were amazing and I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Also, many thanks and to Christopher Range, Artist Extraordinaire and Capt. Magnus Maelstromme of the Got Steam? Steampunk Emporium. (I Still want your goggles!)I hope to see you all soon!

If you've never seen or heard of the band Arcattack... well, you have to look into them. Again, I had no idea how amazing this show could be. Imagine two eight foot Tesla Coils blasting out a million volts of electricity but here's the trick, the electricity has different tones and therefor is manipulated to play songs. Accompany that with a robotic drummer and a live bass and guitar player and what do you get? Pure amazement! Don't believe me? Look at their site here. Still don't believe me? Check out the guy in the suit getting blasted in the middle of a song by the Tesla Coils.

Photo by Brad Smith (Ensign Sparklebunny)

Room Parties
I don't know what to say about the room parties at Chattacon. Pretty much the craziest environment I've been in... maybe ever. Imagine an entire hotel with people all over the floors flowing in and out of the themed room parties such as Hypericon, Frolicon, and Pirate party. Good times that are almost impossible to describe.

See What Has Been and What The Future Sees
That's right, I'll be signing at Davis Kidd in Nashville TN (Green Hills Mall) on Saturday January 30th. Yep, this Saturday, from 2PM - 5PM. This is my big day in town, so please come say hi, buy a book, give me a high five or something.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ShadowCon and More!

I had no idea what to expect when going to Memphis for Shadowcon. There isn't much of a web presence and there aren't a lot of pictures online. So off I went and finally arrived at the hotel which was an odd strangely sprawling Holiday Inn. Immediately after hauling my stuff to the con area I was greeted with nothing but kindness by the staff. Ok the guy at the regi desk game me a little crap but everyone was amazing. Right off the bat, the organizer greeted me and opened the vendor room so I could load the books and whatnot.

Shadowcon is a laid back wonderful little con (complete with panels)that in a way is liek a family con. Everyone is welcome and everyone is treated like family. Really, what more could you ask for? There were little gaming rooms, good vendors, but most of all the people were wonderful. Yeah, I just can't get away from how nice everyone was. Here's little Sophie complete with Thomas Riley sticker on the stroller.

The majority of Shadowcon attendees are part of the SCA and more prescisely, the Gleann Abhann Kingdom. While this may sound odd and different to many of you, I can't say how welcome these people made me feel. Did I mention that the SCA people make their own mead? Well, they do and from what I tasted, it is unreal how good this stuff is. Not only that, but I managed to grab my own bottle of Liam's Mead... I'm yet to open it as I don't want it to be gone.

I was asked to do the "steampunk- genre" panel with Darlene Bolesny and Debra Parmley which I thought went very well. So thank you Shadowcon I had a blast. And while leaving, I saw this. I have no idea what it means other than it has to do with the SCA but found it interesting none the less.

This weekend
Saturday the 16th is insane for me. Ok, First off I'm signing at "The Bookstore" in Huntsville AL at Noon - 2PM. (2246 Winchester Rd NE Huntsville, AL 35811 (256) 858-2170) From there I'm busting it to Atlanta for the Mechanical Masquerade to vend and sign. I'm really excited about both these events but man, I'll be driving all over the South in a few days.

I told you the Thomas Riley, "The Blood Countess" patches were coming in and... da da dada! They've arrived. If you're a Sky Pirate already, you'll be getting an email soon. If not... what's wrong with you? ENLIST HERE!
Anyway, you'll be able to buy these at any event I attend as well as online... or if you are already a Sky Pirate, then you'll be given special opportunity's to not only get free patches, but also bumps in rank!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Tour!

I'm so impressed with everyone. I can't thank everyone that bought a copy of Thomas Riley enough. The response has been overwhelming and I appreciate every one of you as well as the people that have signed up as Sky Pirates.

Here are my first quarter tour dates. Keep in mind that there will be more added, but as it stands the next 3 months are filled. Now if you have enlisted as a Sky Pirate and if you attend any one of these events and are wearing your Flight Credentials, you will automatically get something special which I will talk about later. So come out, say hello and remember to sport your flight credentials!

January 8-10 ShadowCon- Memphis TN

January 16 The Bookstore- Huntsville AL 12:00-2:00PM

January 16 The Mechanical Masquerade- Atlanta GA 8:00PM-Midnight

January 22-24 Chattacon- Chattanooga TN

January 30 Davis Kidd- Nashville TN 2:00-6:00PM

February 6 Books A Million- Madison TN 12:00-3:00PM

February 12-15 The Southern California Writers Conference- San Diego CA

February 20 The Little Professor Book Center- Birmingham AL 12:00-2:00PM

February 26-28 The South Carolina Book Fest- Columbia SC

March 5-7 Stellar Con- Highpoint NC

March 12-14 MidSouthCon- Memphis TN

March 17-21 Virginia Festival of The Book- Charlottesville VA

March 27 Borders- Brentwood TN 12:00 - 3:00PM

With that said,I'll be in Memphis TN this weekend for ShadowCon. This is my first ShadowCon experience, so if you are going, come by the table and say hi. Pictures and recound to follow next week.

You can still get signed copies of Thomas Riley HERE

And hurry to sign up to be a Sky Pirate. More really good things are coming for current Sky Pirates. In fact, I'll show you one thing below.

I've been getting a lot of requests for Sky Pirate patches. So I decided to take it a step further. Not only will you soon be able to get Official Sky Pirate Patches, but there will be an officer's program complete with different ranked patches and merit awards. I'll let you know how to get your patches as well as lifting your rank next week when they come in. Until then, enjoy the prototype: