Thursday, February 28, 2013

Debutantes & Divas

As I hinted in previous posts, Lizzie has started a new children's clothing company! We're very excited as she's a really talented seamstress and has a unique eye for fashion. This kind of started with they idea that she would make top quality princess dresses for girls but it's blossomed into much more than that. In addition to the dresses, she also makes jackets, fashion dresses, skirts and tops. And that's just the beginning. There are plans for a bunch of new styles and a line of childrens books. (Be on the lookout for a really fun Kickstarter soon.)

She already vended at The Chocolate On The Beach Festival in Ocean Shores, WA last weekend and this Saturday, we'll be at The Fox Island Craft Fair in Fox Island, WA. There are a ton of events coming up and of course I'll keep you posted on where we'll be.

In more cool news, Will Routon, the same artist that did the Thomas Riley cover art, did the first princess (Princess Mia) logo that you see above and we're in talks now to hopefully have him do a lot more in the very near future.

In addition to the traveling, Debutantes & Divas has a
Facebook Page
Twitter Page
and Online Etsy Shop

Also check out some product pics from our test shoot:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January Blog Stats

It's that time again! January was a great moth blog-wise and the results are in with my old band, Fall With Me took the top views last month with my Nashville vs. Washington post coming in second and the Blackout/Wedding post getting the bronze. Of course, last place is solidly owned my this post, ole last place blog stats.

Nashville vs. Washington was so fun that I'm planning a Nashville vs. Washington Part 2 where I will explore general differences between the South and the North West. This one will include beer and more fashion to name a few topics.

In quick other news, I've been talking a lot with Zova Books in preparation for the book releases and with the fabulous Will Routon as he puts the finishing touches on the cover art for Thomas Riley and The Maelstrom.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ben Steed and the Tribes Soundtrack

I made a post a few months ago that the astonishingly talented Ben Steed was working on a soundtrack for my work in progress horror/zombie novel called, Tribes. Don't worry, this isn't your generic zombie story at all. In fact it has quite a different twist which I will share later.

Keeping me inspired and really excited is Ben's music. If you haven't checked him out, I suggest you give it a listen. He really combines every aspect about music that I enjoy and taps an emotional vein with every note. Wow, this man knows music. You can literally hear the passion and feel the scenes as you listen.

As for his music for Tribes, you can now hear the first song, "As Quick As Possible", on Soundcloud which he wrote after I sent him the first two chapters of Tribes. For me, it sounds like the perfect intro. The song feels like a dramatic trailer that flashes theatrical scenes in my head that I could see on the silver screen. As Quick As Possible is intensely creepy and has an element of suspense that is the living and breathing audio side of the story. Give it a listen here and let us know what you think.

Be sure to keep your soundcloud playing to hear Ben's other work. Every song has it's own magic. 
Check out Ben's Facebook page.
Ben's Bandcamp Page 

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Nashville Predators n' Stuff

In 1998, The Nashville Predators NHL hockey team came to Nashville and since then, I've been a huge hockey fan ever since. It only took one game with my dad, the Preds vs. the Ottawa Senators when Patric Cote (not the MMA guy) got in a scuffle on the ice and ignited some gladiatorial instinct, forever hooking me on the sport.

I've seen it all and I was there for everything. The hat tricks, the routs, the fights, the trades, the first lockout and yes... even when they tried to sell my beloved team to a cro-magnon Blackberry goon in Canada I was there to battle him (and ultimately defeating him) as part of the Save The Predators organization. The Preds are in my blood and always will be. I love every aspect of the team and the game and love keeping track of as much as I can.

When I moved up to Washington, I had to be able to watch my team so we have NHL Center Ice where I park my butt in front of the TV to soak up my Preds fix. Of course this year they had to have another lockout... at least it was a half lockout but still disappointing for a guy totally separated from his team. When the season finally returned my team came out pretty flat. Losing in overtime a lot and generally looking like a team that well, hasn't played half a season.

Now it looks like they've found a stride and are picking up where they left off playing determined underdog hockey. It's awesome to watch and awesome to have in my life.

Other cool and unrelated news:
I've been talking to my publisher, Zova Books and I'm really getting stoked for the new book releases! I'm now in the very early staging plans for some appearances, blog tours, contests and all types of fun stuff to celebrate the new stories.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nick Valentino Books

I thought I'd make a post about all my books with links to date. This is good for me as well because I like to have a list for posterity as well. Without further ado:

Thomas Riley
My first published book, a steampunk adventure novel about two Victorian weapons designers that do some bad alchemy which forces them to go behind enemy lines to undo their horrible mistake. Thomas and Cynthia join up with some sky pirates and sneak behind enemy lines to face their arch nemesis.
(Rereleased Zova Books 2013)

Engine 316
A western steampunk retelling of the Rube Burrows gang, the outlaws try to escape the law in Nashville Tennessee when they discover a futuristic device in one of the train cars. Much to their dismay, they run into a mysterious group of detectives that attempt to apprehend them.
(Kerlak Publishing In Dreams of Steam anthology)

A failed Victorian inventor is haunted by a demon that is the cause of all his problems, including a drug addiction that will soon be the end of him. When he attempts to rid himself of his demon, the inventor unleashes the demon on the world to continue his murderous work.
(Kerlak Publishing in Dreams of Steam II anthology)

Ten Thousand Years
A Japanese steampunk story where a embittered naval captain seeks to regain his honor by rescuing his men stuck in foreign prison. His master plan is to kidnap none other than the empress of Japan herself but when he does he realizes that all is not what it seems and he finds that honor is not only limited to those in flesh and blood.
(Echelon Press in Her Magesty’s Msyterious Conyeance anthology)

The Black Dress
Based off the “second Salem Witch Trials” a group of steampunk Victorian paranormal investigators in Ipswich, MA led by Lucretia goes in pursuit of a famed mesmerist that’s recruiting civilians with the use of his possible magical powers. It’s up to Lucretia, her assistant Gabe and the mechanical wonder of her black dress to unravel the mystery and capture the evil doer. It’s a battle of magic vs. mechanics for the ages.
(Kerlak Publishing in Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells anthology)

Thomas Riley and the Maelstrom
The Thomas Riley saga continues as Thomas and Cynthia go in search of Cynthia’s flame, Sam Burges. When they hitch a ride from a rogue colonial sky pirate they find themselves in the sights of a new evil mastermind and his awesome airship, the Maelstrom that has the mysterious power to control the weather. Thomas and Cynthia’s loyalties are put to the test as the new evil genius pits powerful new weapons  and Cynthia’s love against the once inseparable duo.
(Zova Books coming in 2013)