Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Sadly, 2013 was the end of the Steamcon, the con that started it all for steampunk conventions. That left a huge void in Seattle for a large steampunk-centric convention. I was overjoyed to hear that a new one called Steamposium was going to try their hand at it at a convention center right on the pier in downtown.

Like so many cons, I can't say enough good things about it. First off, the staff was shockingly amazing. This was Steamposium's first year and everyone was over the top kind and helpful in every way. The convention center itself was magnificent, a large beautiful place with huge windows, and easy access for all the events. We were located in the artist alley area, with the other authors and artists and I have to say we were pleased as punch to see so many of our old friends as attendees, panelists and vendors. It really was some of the cream of the crop all the way around.

We did well selling our brand new Naughty and Scary Dreadfuls and the entire con was so laid back. There was no pressure from any direction. When there was a slight parking mishap, the con's executive producer personally met us and helped us navigate to our space. For a guy that had everything riding on the con's success, he was the calm, cool and like the rest of the staff, so nice.

While we spent most of the days in the vendor area, we were able to catch the Firefly panel which was awesomely timed right when the vendor hall closed. It was such a treat to see Jewel Staite and Sean Maher speak. After attending we headed back to our hotel, changed and ran right back out for dinner at the once upon a time morgue turned Irish pub, Kell's. Awesome food by the way. We attended the late night birthday ball with music and bar.

We were able to sneak out and see steampunk model, Kato and her steamgirls in their custom made lounge and I got to meet Sean Maher! Yes, the wonderful actor that played Simon on Firefly and the inspiration for my character, Thomas Riley. I was nervous but he was so nice he quickly put me at ease and I was actually able to give the man that inspired Thomas Riley a copy of the book! I got a picture with him and as I was walking away, he stopped me and asked me to sign it... I about fainted. What an honor! Yes, I fanboyed a bit but it was such a great experience! I'll never forget it. And it was a super awesome treat to see John Strangeway, AKA Steampunk Boba Fett, our friend from Atlanta running around being amazing. He even took the time to do a mini photo shoot with the kids and sign pictures for them. We hope to see you soon John!

The con was wonderful and it was successful! We heard they are already planning next year. So stoked to go back. There's not enough thumbs up I can give the entire con.  Before this gets too lengthy, on with the pictures!

Check out this spot on the news about the con:


Lizzie looking amazing outside by the pier. 

Me with Sean Maher!!!!!

The Kids got to meet Jewel Staite! and her puppy Charlotte. 

Lizzie and her brother Brian in our hotel.

Me with the one, the only, the amazing Steampunk Boba Fett

The kids got to meet Kato and the Steam Girls

Lizzie by the fire escape in the hotel. Yes, they served free beer and we could walk around with it. 

A selected shot from the kids/steampunk boba fett mini photo shoot. 

Us with our good buddy Andy

A customer inspecting the centerfold for our Naughty Dreadful

Steampunk is for everyone

This lady Dressed as Jayne. Epic Costume