Tuesday, April 23, 2013

S.A. Price This is Forever

The sister duo of Stella and Audra Price have a new book that you all need to check out. The newest book is called This is Forever and has estranged lovers, a rock band and healthy portion of adult fun for those that enjoy great romance stories.I've never personally met either of these ladies but I know they have talent, drive and that "it" quality when it comes to writing.

Take a peek at their Goodreads site here. 

Blurb for This is Forever 

The one woman Winter Tulane loved and lost is back, and he is determined to have her again, gracing his bed, filling his days and owning his heart. A joint tour with both 13 Shades of Red and her band, Strange Angels, is not the most optimal way to get her back, what with the actual working and pitfalls of the road to contend with, but Winter is determined to show her that what they had was good… and could be again.

Lola Cavendish harbors a secret she is desperate to keep from the one man she still wants and needs in her life. True, the joint tour with his band was her idea, but having an issue such as she does is not conducive to rekindling an affair. Taking drastic measures to ensure a reunion is the only way she can be certain she achieves her end game.

But the lives they both lead could stop a reunion before it starts. When past mistakes surface, it will take more than forgiveness to bring them together.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thomas Riley and the Maelstrom 3D cover

I'm super excited to see the Thomas Riley books with 3D covers. After all this time, it really gives a neat view of what the book will look like. I have to say, I love what I'm seeing. The details that Zova Books gave the spine and typography is really cool. I really like the addition of the book number on the spine. There's nothing quite like opening the box with your books in them,  holding your print book in your hand for the first time, and reading through your own copy.

Also, both books are featured on the top of Zova Books website. Check it out here.

Here are the 3D covers for Thomas Riley and the Maelstrom and the reissue of Thomas Riley (1).