Monday, November 2, 2015

The 31 Days of Halloween

Every year, Liz and I binge watch as many scary movies as we can in October. It's such a fun tradition and we usually find some really great movies as well as some absolute stinkers. This year was no different. Here's what we watched:
* = Movies we have already seen

The Shining*
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter*
The Village*
Odd Thomas
Paranormal Activity 2*
Big Bad
Tremors 4 The Beginning
Human Centipede 3 The Final Sequence

The winners for movies we have not seen are...

1) Nurse
Nurse is an awesome indy movie about a crazed nurse that kills her patients. It kind of puts you on edge while still having some campy (but not too campy) elements. And it was hilarious at times. It reminded me of American Mary (another awesome movie) but with Nurses. Shot and acted well.

2) Human Centipede 3 The Final Sequence 
The Human Centipede movies have been gnarly since the first one. The first one was shocking enough. The second was just down right awesomely nasty. But the third one takes all of that to super crazy-land. It was possibly the most un-politically correct movie I have ever seen. It was also totally funny. The prison warden (also the bad guy from the first movie) was absolutely out of control. It's too bad this is the last one.

3) VHS
I've been seeing VHS pop up Netflix for a long time and I've heard enough about it to peak my interest. Basically, some buglers break into a house to steal a VHS tape but there are a lot of tapes. As they go through them, there are a ton of strange murders that have been filmed. My favorite was the demon/succubus thingy. A totally fun watch.

The Big losers are

1) 131313
I don't know how this even got made. It was weird, and I still don't really know what was going on. The clocks all said 131313... and there was a date of 131313... I sort of get that they could get away with making 11111 a few years ago because that was sort of a thing but now... it's just a wreck.

2) The Big Bad
Here's a terrible Werewolf movie. It's hard to watch and whoever made it considers themselves a real artist... It's not hard to watch because it's gory or anything, it's just confusing, badly done and boring as all get out.

Can't wait until next year! Hope you all had an amazing Halloween!