Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Squad-Up Contest

For Comic Con this year, the fine folks at DC Comics are doing a Squad-Up Contest in promotion of their movie Suicide Squad. Basically, it's a cosplay contest for each member of the Suicide Squad and our own, Elizabeth Valentino has entered as Harley Quinn! She's put a ton of work in on the costume, getting each tiny detail perfect.

So we need your help. Until July 4th (Monday) we need you to vote as much as possible. (You can vote once an hour!) for Elizabeth. There is no sign up at all, just click the link each hour (or as much as you can) and click vote and she will have a chance to not only go to Comic Con in San Diego but will be a VIP guest of the Suicide Squad! Awesome right?!

She's kicking butt right now, in the top ten. So we need as many votes as we can get over the holiday weekend. Thank so many of you for doing this already, and thank you in advance for any votes you can muster over the next few days.

Just click this link and vote. Easy as pie.