Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Trees Suicide Girls Dreadfuls No Smoking and more

As usual, we're insanely busy. I feel like we're always driving in haste to get someplace. It's a good thing, I could be bored, right? We don't have much bored in our house. 

First on the updates is that we got to go to The Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque in Seattle at the Showbox. The Showbox is awesome by the way. Very cool place with a domed ceiling and chandeliers all over the place. Oh, and the place has been a club for 75 years... That's insane! So on to the Suicide Girls. Picture this, wonderful tattooed ladies dancing around in sets of sheer modern day nerdy goodness. They did sets of Adventure Time, Donny Darko, The Little Mermaid, and yes... Star Wars! I mean come on, they came out to Die Antwoord's Cookie Thumper that totally set the mood. The show was better than I imagined and I would go back in a heartbeat so if there are any stops left coming to your town, you should totally go. It's pretty awesome. Oh, and their merch is pretty awesome too. 

This is "The Green Machine" WWE North West Heavyweight Champ. 

The Tree
We have been getting live trees since we moved to Washington. There's nothing quite like having that awesome pine smell floating through the house during the holidays. This year, we continued the decorating tradition with the purple lighted tree with 90% Star Wars ornaments. 

I saw my first random episode of House MD when I had a fever and was entertained by anything that was on. But this wasn't just an infomercial kind of blind entertainment. This was intriguing! Wonderfully flawed characters, weird medical mysteries and genius ways to solve those mysteries. Lizzie and I started watching more of them as they came on Oxygen or some odd network and we started to fall in love with the show but we wanted to see them all... in order. (Mind you there are 8 seasons with 20+ shows each) Well, Netflix had them all!!! So we did it... Every episode, in order and it was Marvelous! It was such a fun ride and honestly, I'm super sad it is over. I could watch it forever. But they wrapped it up very well and there were so many great twists! I put it on the top shelf along with my other favs, Lost, Twin Peaks and Firefly. 

Next Up
I love the American Horror Story series. Lizzie won't watch the latest one because of the murderous clown so I'll have to see if I ever have time to squeeze those in on my own. Somehow I missed the second season, Asylum... and it has Chloe Sevigny... So we started that and are zipping through pretty quickly. The first season is my favorite but they are all good. 

No smoking for me!
So as of today, I have been smoke free for one year and eleven days... I'm pretty excited about that as I really have no desire to ever go back. Yes, I'm still vaping but I feel so much better and there's no coughing, super extended sicknesses and I don't have to go outside every two hours or so, It's so nice to be done with that. 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Dreadfuls Sale

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