Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today is Sunday

I feel like I need to write. I just wrote my 21st blog for the Sky Pirate Barrage World Blog Tour and I feel like I'm neglecting you... well at least my blog. I'm listening to a lot of sentimental music tonight, writing some more short stories and well, this blog.

On the music side, I've discovered Regina Spektor who in some cases is simply emotionally brilliant. It took me a while to warm up to her, but my god, some songs really rip me apart, which makes it good. Insert smiley winking face here. Just listen to "Blue Lips". This is where it's finally appropriate to use the word "Amazing". Also, I've downloaded the new Russian Circles... I can't say much than wow, really, wow. You probably don't know this band, but you should look them up. Unreal. And as much as I wanted to hate it, I like about 4 songs on the new Alice in Chains... A lot. True tributes to real friends usually results in amazing music. By the way did you know that Lane Staley's Fiancee died of a bacterial something or other? No wonder the guy was crazy distraught. So now I'm listening to "Dirt", which is either where he thought he would be shortly or how he felt. Such human sadness is a huge magnet to me. The real soul comes out when tragedy strikes. Other than that AFI "God Called in Sick Today" made the playlist.

On the writing side, I'm editing part 1 of The Young Alchemists... the second edits. And working on the second short story. Still waiting on my copies of the Thomas Riley. Not sure what exactly happened but there is a delay so anyone that pre-ordered a copy I as you with a humble heart, please be patient, I promise I will get your copy in the mail ASAP.

On the personal side. I've been sick. Last night I coughed more violently than I ever have in my entire life. Ok TMI right? Sorry, but this entire weekend I've been in such a blur. The only thing I can liken it to is having a concussion, which I've had 3, so I kind of know what's going on with all of that.

An the future side: This week holds many hockey games, editing, and work work work. Which is basically all I do in every fashion of the word. This illness I have right now has knocked me down and prevented progress for far too long as is, but hey I have to roll with the punches right? I'm off to listen to more Russian Circles.

Be a kind lady or gent and if you haven't pre-ordered Thomas Riley... do so and I'll love you forever.