Monday, February 4, 2013

Nick Valentino Books

I thought I'd make a post about all my books with links to date. This is good for me as well because I like to have a list for posterity as well. Without further ado:

Thomas Riley
My first published book, a steampunk adventure novel about two Victorian weapons designers that do some bad alchemy which forces them to go behind enemy lines to undo their horrible mistake. Thomas and Cynthia join up with some sky pirates and sneak behind enemy lines to face their arch nemesis.
(Rereleased Zova Books 2013)

Engine 316
A western steampunk retelling of the Rube Burrows gang, the outlaws try to escape the law in Nashville Tennessee when they discover a futuristic device in one of the train cars. Much to their dismay, they run into a mysterious group of detectives that attempt to apprehend them.
(Kerlak Publishing In Dreams of Steam anthology)

A failed Victorian inventor is haunted by a demon that is the cause of all his problems, including a drug addiction that will soon be the end of him. When he attempts to rid himself of his demon, the inventor unleashes the demon on the world to continue his murderous work.
(Kerlak Publishing in Dreams of Steam II anthology)

Ten Thousand Years
A Japanese steampunk story where a embittered naval captain seeks to regain his honor by rescuing his men stuck in foreign prison. His master plan is to kidnap none other than the empress of Japan herself but when he does he realizes that all is not what it seems and he finds that honor is not only limited to those in flesh and blood.
(Echelon Press in Her Magesty’s Msyterious Conyeance anthology)

The Black Dress
Based off the “second Salem Witch Trials” a group of steampunk Victorian paranormal investigators in Ipswich, MA led by Lucretia goes in pursuit of a famed mesmerist that’s recruiting civilians with the use of his possible magical powers. It’s up to Lucretia, her assistant Gabe and the mechanical wonder of her black dress to unravel the mystery and capture the evil doer. It’s a battle of magic vs. mechanics for the ages.
(Kerlak Publishing in Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells anthology)

Thomas Riley and the Maelstrom
The Thomas Riley saga continues as Thomas and Cynthia go in search of Cynthia’s flame, Sam Burges. When they hitch a ride from a rogue colonial sky pirate they find themselves in the sights of a new evil mastermind and his awesome airship, the Maelstrom that has the mysterious power to control the weather. Thomas and Cynthia’s loyalties are put to the test as the new evil genius pits powerful new weapons  and Cynthia’s love against the once inseparable duo.
(Zova Books coming in 2013)

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