Friday, February 8, 2013

The Nashville Predators n' Stuff

In 1998, The Nashville Predators NHL hockey team came to Nashville and since then, I've been a huge hockey fan ever since. It only took one game with my dad, the Preds vs. the Ottawa Senators when Patric Cote (not the MMA guy) got in a scuffle on the ice and ignited some gladiatorial instinct, forever hooking me on the sport.

I've seen it all and I was there for everything. The hat tricks, the routs, the fights, the trades, the first lockout and yes... even when they tried to sell my beloved team to a cro-magnon Blackberry goon in Canada I was there to battle him (and ultimately defeating him) as part of the Save The Predators organization. The Preds are in my blood and always will be. I love every aspect of the team and the game and love keeping track of as much as I can.

When I moved up to Washington, I had to be able to watch my team so we have NHL Center Ice where I park my butt in front of the TV to soak up my Preds fix. Of course this year they had to have another lockout... at least it was a half lockout but still disappointing for a guy totally separated from his team. When the season finally returned my team came out pretty flat. Losing in overtime a lot and generally looking like a team that well, hasn't played half a season.

Now it looks like they've found a stride and are picking up where they left off playing determined underdog hockey. It's awesome to watch and awesome to have in my life.

Other cool and unrelated news:
I've been talking to my publisher, Zova Books and I'm really getting stoked for the new book releases! I'm now in the very early staging plans for some appearances, blog tours, contests and all types of fun stuff to celebrate the new stories.

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