Saturday, August 30, 2014

Advertising and Updates

First off I need to make a call for anyone that would like to get some free advertising for their project. Lizzie and I are working on a cool project that we will reveal at Steamposium in Seattle on Sept 26th. We're looking for anyone that has a book, project, movie, short film, website. store, anything etc... We will make your ad for you, we just need to know what you'd like to advertise and what you'd like to say in the ad. So please, anyone that would like some free exposure, shoot me an email.

We even did a photo that you're sure to like. Here's a behind the scenes shot:

Secondly Lizzie will be re-releasing her short Depths of Passion and she has a shiny new cover! We'll let you know when it will be available. Behold the awesomeness:

Ooh! I have a new author pic which I'm pretty excited about. My last one is quite old so it's nice to have an updated one. The cool thing is I should have new ones more frequently now.

In the next blog I will explain this.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Steamposium and more

Lizzie and I are very excited to be panelists and vendors at this year's Steamposium (Steampunk Conference) in Seattle! With the amazing Steamcon now sadly gone, we are so happy that there is a dedicated steampunk conference in our area. We don't yet know what panels we'll be on yet but I'll give a more detailed blog when we find out. Steamposium is going to hold a lot of cool things for us, Lizzie has a new anthology of her work coming out and we have two super secret surprises which I'm dying to talk about but can't just yet. If you're in the area we'd love to see you. The conference runs from Sept 26-28 and features guests Sean Maher (Simon from Firefly), Jewel Staite (Kaylee From Firefly) and Kato (Steamgirl) so you won't want to miss this is you can help it. Check out their site here.

Post Cards
My friend and author Mandi Lynch is trying to get 1000 postcards this year. So if you have a postcard lying around from your area or one from your travels, send her one. (Everyone likes real mail!) Here's her info-graphic.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The New House

I've been pretty silent on the internet lately because Lizzie and I have been searching for a new house. Due to our last landlord selling our old place early we scrambled to find a suitable new one with the quickness. We found a really cool gem an exit up from our old place and I'm happy to report we couldn't be happier. It fits our needs perfectly and it has a forest and a horse pasture. Pretty stoked since the woods around the house have trails and secret Narnia-esque clearings all through it. It's like our own playground/fortress of solitude all in one. So while I get back to blogging regularly, here are some pics of the new digs henceforth named "La Petite Ferme De Lapin"

Front views

Monday, June 9, 2014

Jay Lake

While this is quite late in the scheme of things, I wanted to make a post about the award winning science fiction/steampunk/clockpunk author and all around awesome guy, Jay Lake. I didn't know Jay that well, although Elizabeth and I were on a really fun "What is steampunk, clockpunk, cyberpunk etc" panel with him at Steamcon 2 in Seattle. In that panel, we came up with the quite hilarious "Coffeepunk" genre together. (I have pictures from that panel, but I can't currently find them.) Grrrr

About six months before Thomas Riley and The Maelstrom came out, I sent Jay an email asking if he might give a blurb but due to his health, he said he wouldn't be able to do it. It was the kindest and most thoughtful rejection I ever got. After that, I followed Jay from his blog and Facebook where I learned about his battle with cancer. He spoke frankly about his illness which I found brave and even as horrible as it was that anyone should have to go through what he did, his blog posts to be passionate and unapologetically honest. He gave an ultra detailed account of his experience with cancer, physically, mentally and socially. It's an eye opener for sure.

Sadly, Jay passed away on June 1, 2014 and I write this as a tribute, a thank you and a call for you to celebrate Jay's life and talent. Jay has a ton of good books and stories and I implore you to check his work out, whether it be his books or his blog. Rest in Peace Jay, thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Jay Lake's Website/Blog

Jay Lake Books

Thursday, May 29, 2014

2nd Anniversary

The last two years have seriously been the best years ever. I've shared those years with my ultra talented, shockingly beautiful and generally all around amazingly perfect wife, Liz. This year our anniversary fell on the same day that Lana Del Rey was going to be in town. So when we found out she was coming, (one day after tickets went on sale) we found out it was sold out. So we went on the massive search for tickets... Facebook, Friends, Family, Twitter, Craigslist... anything. Nothin... As the day arrived we had one lead but we had to take our daughter to a reading party at school and they wanted to meet at 6PM (right when the party was) so that ended up being a no go. Then out of the blue we got a call from Yuki. Wonderful Yuki had been at the Sasquach festival all weekend and was pooped and "banded out" so she hooked us up with her tickets. SO nice! We were able to meet up and get into the theater so see the concert, which was rad by the way. I know Lana Del Rey is kind of chick music I guess, but I have no shame. I think she sounds like sultry Portished. And to top it off, we ran to the bar area (they have certain sectioned off areas where they sell booze and you can see the show) and they ended up closing it off so we kind of got this cool little VIP area to see her play.

After the show, we headed over to The Octopus Bar for late night drinks/food. The place was super cool decked out in full on old school sea ship stuff everywhere and playing 80s metal the entire time. I knew it was on when Slayer's Angel of Death came on. (I actually heard Annialator We had fun flat breads and rocked out with our brewskies. It turned out to be an awesome anniversary and I'm so happy we were treated to such a fun evening.

Sold Out Lana Del Rey

Us after the show


The Octopus Bar!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dallas Comic Con

Last weekend Lizzie and I went to Dallas Comic Con! It featured almost the entire cast of Firefly with photo ops, autograph signings and a reported 60K projected attendance. It took place in the Dallas Convention center and upon arrival on Friday night we headed straight for the dealers room. My first impression was confusion. The pace was huge and under construction and well, there wasn't but a maybe few thousand people there total. The dealer room was quite large, think Gencon sized for those con going readers and I noticed there was a ton of kind of Fan artist style vendors. Of course they had all the regulars which was great but it was interesting to see that there were a ton of booths with custom t-shirts, art, and stuff that was basically unlicensed material that I guess falls under the "parody" section of copyright law.

Don't get me wrong, it was really cool and most of the stuff was well done. It was just different from what I'm used to. The likes of William Shatner, Stan Lee, and Nathan Fillion were guests of honor here. So it was no joke.

We attended the Nathan Fillion Q&A and the Firefly Q&A and both were so fun! It was so cool getting to hear almost the entire Firefly cast speak. Really, most of them seemed shocked that so many people still care about the show. That panel alone had 4500+ people that packed the room. Lizzie got her picture with Nathan Fillion which was a huge bucket list thing for her and it was so awesome seeing her get to meet him. We also met Tate from the movie make-up show, Faceoff. He was insanely nice which made us even bigger fans. We had a blast all weekend, ate good Tex Mex and enjoyed everything about Dallas and the con. (We even got Han Solo frozen in Carbonite ice trays!!) This was one for the ages. I love traveling with Lizzie, we always have a great time wherever we go, but this was just wonderful nerdy indulgence around every corner.

Lizzie and I at the Red Carpet

Lizzie with No Face

Lizzie with Tate from Face Off

Nathan Fillion at his panel

Fireefly cast at their panel

Ghost Busters!!!

Lizzie with Fluttershy

Cool Dragon Lady

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Fabulous Norwescon

We've never been to Norwescon in Seattle before but I'll start off with saying it was a really awesome time! We had no expectations and really had no idea what it would be like. First off, it was bigger than I thought. There were a ton of people and from the moment we walked in on Thursday night no less, the place was packed.

Liz and I set up in Authors Alley which is right in front of vendor room. (This always seems to work well when you are not actually in the dealer's room) We had super cool neighbors, Richard Beckham II, author of The Tale of Mu and S.C. Barrus, author of the steampunk novel, Discovering Aberration at the Fuzzy Hedgehog Press table. My only regret is that we did not get pictures with them.

The traffic was good and we ended up selling out of all our copies of Thomas Riley, Her majesty's Mysterious Conveyance and Dreams of Steam II. So it was a great con and we'd love to go back next year.

Tons of costumes, tons of enthusiastic people, insanely nice and patient staff, just a great con all around. The only thing I'm bummed we didn't explore more of was the night life. Apparently, there was a ton of awesome things/parties happening at night but we were so busy and beat that we had a drink every night and ended up heading home. We'll have to fix that next year.

Also, it's so great seeing old friends at cons, it's really the best part. This one we got to see Andy Rosenberg, Rick (Stark Raving Nomad), and Vilda Leusch.

So cheers for a great long weekend, great friends, and a great con. Very excited about next year! Thank you Norwescon!

Us with Andy

Battle of the forces

We got bubbles and entertained ourselves

Liz with Rarity

Rick and Andy had a drink with us on Saturday

Nuff said

End of the Con victory drink