Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The State of The Union

Here's an update on how things are going with the book.

I'm prepping the launch of Thomas Riley with a ton of crazy and fun things. Contests, giveaways, and hopefully some pre-order goodness. Some of the things will include direct mailing, email blasts and my favorite pet project right now which is the "Sky Pirate Enlistment Program". You can sign up for free at my web site

Just send me your name, email, and your mailing address if you like and you will be enlisted in the Canvian Sky Pirates & Privateers group. As always, your information will never be shared, but you will receive an occasional email, fun stuff in the snail mail and exclusive offers and discounts for Sky Pirates only. Fun huh?
Sign up here:

I have so much in store for the promotion of this book that it's making my head spin, but hey it's all about getting the opportunity to work this hard isn't it? So sit back, relax, sign up to be a sky pirate and enjoy the good things coming your way.

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