Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Tour Day 2 The Extras

So here we are… Officially day 2 of The Sky Pirate’s Barrage World Blog Tour. The tour came together with the help of a lot of people. Twenty seven to be exact. I realize that having someone come to your personal blog and basically say whatever they want can be a kind of space invading proposition, so I want to thank everyone that let me guest blog for a day. It really does mean a lot, not just the trust issue, but the fact that everyone has been so kind and helpful.

It’s so important to get the word out about the book and my aggressive plans for its promotion get more aggressive by the day. You have to think of it this way, there are 100,000 books released a year. That’s 274 books a day. Yeah, a day! What are your chances of anyone even seeing or hearing of it? Slim at best. So for the next month I will be all over the world (blog wise) promoting Thomas Riley. If I had the time, I would do 1000 blogs if I could.

If you know me, you know that I love everything DIY. I love to promote, to make things, to give things away and put personal touches on everything I do. If you’ve enlisted as a Sky Pirate, you’ve probably already received your enlistment papers, and flight credentials, so you know what I’m talking about when I say personal and DIY. It’s fun really. I enjoy those kinds of things. It’s what I would want from anyone that I ordered something from. If I ordered a book, piece of art or anything for that matter, how cool would it be to get an extra sketch from the artist or a secret stamp by the author? (Oops, did I just drop a spoiler?) If you’ve already spent money on something the extras can really mean a lot. What those extras say is “I care about you the consumer. I appreciate you spending your hard earned money on me, so I’m going to give you extra attention because you deserve it.”

That’s what we all want right? More for your money? In the spirit of asking you the reader a question. What is the coolest extra you’ve ever gotten? It can be from anything. An author, an artist, a fast food place… it doesn’t matter. What’s the best addition to a purchase you’ve ever gotten?

As you can see all over this blog, you can now purchase Thomas Riley at
As well as
If you want to enlist as a Sky Pirate or learn more about the book, take a gander at the web site:


  1. I live in Germany. So I checked availability at, and Book Depository UK but the book is not listed there. Next I checked
    There I found following information:
    These items will be in stock soon
    Item Name Date Expected
    Thomas Riley 12/01/2009

    That means for me the book will be available on December 1st 2009. Or am I wrong?

  2. The book is available now. It's taking a little time to get up on the respective websites (Amazon, Echelon, etc...) but it is in fact available and will ship in about 10 working days.

  3. Thank you very much for information.

  4. Nick Valentino, man of mystery and flight goggles, I gave you an award on my blog but didn't know your name however someone from the SCWW posted a comment and kindly pointed me in your direction.

    Excellent job at the conference, I am now suitably intrigued and interested in your book.

    Check yourself out at

  5. That means for me the book will be available on December

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