Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con

Word around town says this blog is "Scandalous, infamous, and highly revealing under the top layer."

"Nick Valentino's blog is a keyhole into the side of life that you always wanted to look at but would never admit it to anyone."
-Cleo Divine

Well, they're probably right. You do get little cryptic snippets, often times very unintentional of some pretty crazy things. Just look, then look a bit harder. It's kind of like one of those Magic Eye pictures. If you stare at it long enough, you may see something that wasn't there before.

The Atlanta Comic Con
The con season is over. Everyone has packed up and is gearing up for the summer. There are a few left that hang on for odd, cold and possibly snowy dates. Atlanta's Wizard World Comic Con was one of those snowbirds. Being a "fist time con" for Wizard World in Atlanta, they tried to pack the halls with con goers by shipping their usual celebrities to the scene. Adam West, Linda Blair, The Cast from The Walking Dead, Billy Dee Williams, Vivica Fox and Henry Winkler were just a few on hand signing autographs and glad-handing fans.

I spent the con signing books next to the most fabulous and awesome Steampunk Paranormal Romance author, O.M. Grey. We were pretty much the steampunk contingent at the con save for a few crossover artists. We ended up chatting most of the time and greeting fans and curiosity seekers.

We also took a little jaunt out to decautur GA (Right outside of Atlanta)to visit the Brick Store Pub (Highly recommended by the way)and met good friends, Doctor Q and Taloola Love. Thanks guys! We had a blast.

So, want some fun pictures? Of course you do.

This is none other than Billy Dee Williams. Now, look closely and see the epic nature of this picture. Here is Lando signing a case of Colt 45 for an Imperial Biker Scout. I kid you not.

Here is John Strangeway (Steampunk Boba Fett) showing off his costume armor signed by Jeremy Bulloch and now Billy Dee Williams... You have to love that Williams put "Lando" under his name.

Awesome Friends Doctor Q and Steampunk Boba Fett.

My neighbor, amazing author, and good friend O.M. Grey.

Next Up:
This weekend finishes a crazy crazy crazy 2010 with three events in and around Nashville TN. If you want your copy of Thomas Riley before Christmas, well, this is you'r chance.

Friday Dec 10 Books-A-Million 5PM (Nashville TN) (Nashville West Shopping Center)
Saturday Dec 11 Books-A-Million 1PM (Murfreesboro TN)
Sunday Dec 12 Hastings 1PM (Murfreesboro TN)

The holidays are here or coming fast.

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  1. Had a blast hanging out with you as well. Very happy you liked the Brick Store as much as I do.