Monday, January 17, 2011

Shadowcon 2011

Shadowcon (Memphis, TN) was the first con I ever sold Thomas Riley. Everyone was absolutely amazing a year ago. It was a small con but wonderfully perfect in every way. This year, they asked me to be the Writer Guest of Honor, so of course I most happily said yes.

This year was just as perfect as last year. Seriously, everyone there is absolutely amazing. Shadowcon is a family-ish con home of the SCA (Shadow Legion) and I have to say that I really feel like part of the family there. We had a blast as usual with all the Memphis crew and this year I was one of the judges in the costume contest. Yeah, I was pretty stoked about that. (Congrats to Steampunk Batman for the overall win by the way!)

A really fun bit that I didn't expect is we did a live radio read of the stage version of Arsenic and Old Lace where I was chosen by King Kane to read the part of Mortimer Brewster (Yes Cary Grant's part in the movie!) I was petrified at first but had a blast once it started up. Kudo's to the Shadowcon organizers for putting that on. Super fun!

Ooo! And here's a print magazine called Imagyro that I have an interview in! Look closely for a rare image of Ensign Sparklebunny.

And here I am coloring before breakfast at Cracker Barrel (You can;t deny the color pages...)

I really hope to go back next year! Thank you so much Shadowcon!!!

Next Up:I'll be writing for a bit so no travel until Anachrocon in Atlanta at the end of February. Yes, I'm kind of excited about it too.

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