Monday, March 14, 2011

Wild Wild West Con

From the second I took off from Nashville to the moment I left Arizona I had these Murder By Death lyrics running through my head from the song, Until Morale Improves, The Beatings Will Continue, "I walked the road, from Tucson to San Antonio. The smell of blood on my breath." Yeah, I probably only had stuck in my thoughts because Tucson was the location of Wild Wild West Con, a wonderful new steampunk con that took place at the ultra amazing Old Tucson Studios. (over 300 movies have been shot there. Tombstone, The Quick and The Dead, Winchester 73, Three Amigos, Etc...)

Anyway, it was awesome! The location was super cool. Everything in the town was totally western and yes they had beer in the saloon. So, yeah, guess where I was popping in every now and then?

Some rad highlights. Steam Powered Giraffe. Seriously, they caught me off guard doing a song called Honey Bee... Amazing voices and an amazing show. I'm just bummed I didn't get to see more. I'll definitely catch them at The World Steam Expo in May. Here we are with them after their performance outside of The Inn.

I did a super fun reading at The Baroness' Tea Party in the saloon in front of about 150 people with Cherie Priest, Elizabeth Darvill, O.M. Grey and David Lee Summers. Here we all are posing together outside the author vending area at The Inn, then me reading in the massive saloon.

We also hung out quite a bit with the wonderful Frenzy Gals from The Frenzy Universe who are some of my favorite people in the world. I know I pimp them all the time but seriously, if you haven't been to their website, its really amazing. Check them out here: Frenzy Universe

We had awesome neighbors in the vending area too. The writer and an actor from the steampnk web series Mantecoza were there showing their trailer and giving swg from the show away. Super fun people and the series looks so fun. Look out Sci-Fi Channel! Check out the trailer here!

I also attended Elizabeth Darvill's adult only reading late on Saturday night which was also super fun and totally different for any con I've ever been to. It was such a success that it's going to probably be a regular thing at future cons. I highly recommend it. I tried to get pictures but the mood lighting was too dark for my ghetto camera.

I've been to a lot of first time steampunk cons and this was a blast. I'm absolutely going back next year.

Next Up:
I'm taking some time off from traveling for a few months but I will be at The Artifice Club's Clockwork Carnival with Elizabeth Darvill in Decatur, GA on April 16th vending and having a blast with the Atlanta Steampunk crew.

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