Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Haps

So what's the haps? I figured I'd give you all the scoop on what's been up in Liz and mine's lives. First off the blog tour is going super well. Thank you for EVERYONE that's hosted me so far. My next one will be live this Friday on Cabin Goddess.

Presale Thomas Riley and The Maelstrom
I have to apologize for the delay in the presale books. So far they have not reached my door but I am assured that they are on their way. So, if you've ordered a book or three, I thank you and I whole heatedly apologize for the delay in getting you your signed copies. I promise, I'll have them to you ASAP.

For this blog I'm going to take a little break from book stuff and give you all a glimpse into our lives. We've been busy between work.

Leavenworth WA
I've been hearing about this Bavarian themed town for quite some time. I've been to Hellen Georgia which is very similar but I have to say, Leavenworth is even cooler and bigger. We went with Liz's side of the family and had a great time. Pretty mountains, good German food, and of course, Hoffbrau beer! We also got treated to the water park which was about two hours from our home base but wow was it fun.

       Everything is Bavarian in Leavenworth

        The girls on the way to the pool
             Lizzie and I downtown Leavenworth

Lizzie and her brother Brian at the playground before the Beer Olympics

Skye and Goulia
When we got home from our trip, we had a little incident with our pets. Skye, our Siberian Husky who for some reason was not getting along with her dog sitter decided to break a window to get inside the house and flush our cat, Goulia outside. Note that Goulia is not an outside cat at all. Skye is kind of a crazy dog. Anyway, after having a missing cat for a while we finally found Goulia in the middle of one of our huge (and very complex) bushes in our front yard around midnight. We then took tree clippers and hacked the bush until we could get to the traumatized kitten. She's doing good but it made us realzie that as much work as we put into Skye that sadly another family might be better suited for a more active and outdoor oriented family. Much to our sadness, we gave her to a wonderful couple that love to hike and camp. It killed me to do it, but I really had to consider her happiness over mine.

                                 Goulia says hello to the Internets
                            We will always love you Skye

Rattlesnake Lake
Liz and I also took a Sunday and worked at one of Northwest Trail Run's events. We basically hung out at an aid station providing water, snacks and information for runners doing half and full marathons. Again, pretty mountains and good times with my girl hanging out with runners.

               The starting line for the half marathon

          There are no rattlesnakes at Rattlesnake Lake

                Lizzie manning the aid station

Stanely and Seaforts
We got a huge surprise gift from my cousins so that we could celebrate the release of Thomas Riley and The Maelstrom. A night out at the famous, Stanley and Seaforts in Tacoma, WA. We feasted on a multitude of dishes, (we like the tapas style of dinning) so we got a bunch of things to try, Salmon, Steamed Clams, Steak, Oysters, Scallops, Lobster Mac and Cheese. It was awesome and such a blast. We also had some good beverages. I had a Dark and Stormy and a Spiced Long Island Iced Tea. Lizzie had a Moscow Mule and a glass of white wine. Great times, great place and a killer view of the port of Tacoma. Thanks so much Jim, Beth and Nate!

           Here's Lizzie with her Moscow Mule

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