Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Killer Women

I'm super stoked and proud to tell everyone to check out my cousin, Siena Agudong, playing Lulu Parker in the ABC television action/drama Killer Women. The first run of the show is 8 episodes that follows a Texas Ranger that tracks some notorious murderous women.

We in the Valentino household are insanely proud of Siena and we give her big props for not only landing such an great role but also for absolutely doing an amazing job. Seriously, she's awesome. We'll be watching in Washington! Check out Killer Women on ABC on Tuesdays 9PM Central and look for the mega cute girl with glasses.

Need some more info:
Check out the ABC Killer Women site here:

Also check out Siena's Website:

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  1. Thank you for writing this! My mom showed it to me.
    I love it! Hope you can watch tomorrow night's episode! :-) Siena