Sunday, February 2, 2014

Season of Arrows

Every now and then I like to post something about music, especially when it involves my friends. As most of you know I was in Fall With Me for a long time and most of those chaps are still kicking it today, putting out some amazing tunes. Let me introduce you to Season of Arrows from Nashville, TN.

A lot of you probably think Nashville is a purely country market but it has a kick ass underground music scene and has had a ton of up and coming bands come through there. Season of Arrows consists of all my homies and three ex members of Fall With Me. They've been honing their sound for a while now but recently recorded a record with killer producer and engineer, Mike Allred.... and holy cow does it sound good! If you like heavy stuff with a female singer this is so for you!

Seriously, check out their latest song, The Loved One on bandcamp here:

Oh, and like their Facebook page:

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