Thursday, May 29, 2014

2nd Anniversary

The last two years have seriously been the best years ever. I've shared those years with my ultra talented, shockingly beautiful and generally all around amazingly perfect wife, Liz. This year our anniversary fell on the same day that Lana Del Rey was going to be in town. So when we found out she was coming, (one day after tickets went on sale) we found out it was sold out. So we went on the massive search for tickets... Facebook, Friends, Family, Twitter, Craigslist... anything. Nothin... As the day arrived we had one lead but we had to take our daughter to a reading party at school and they wanted to meet at 6PM (right when the party was) so that ended up being a no go. Then out of the blue we got a call from Yuki. Wonderful Yuki had been at the Sasquach festival all weekend and was pooped and "banded out" so she hooked us up with her tickets. SO nice! We were able to meet up and get into the theater so see the concert, which was rad by the way. I know Lana Del Rey is kind of chick music I guess, but I have no shame. I think she sounds like sultry Portished. And to top it off, we ran to the bar area (they have certain sectioned off areas where they sell booze and you can see the show) and they ended up closing it off so we kind of got this cool little VIP area to see her play.

After the show, we headed over to The Octopus Bar for late night drinks/food. The place was super cool decked out in full on old school sea ship stuff everywhere and playing 80s metal the entire time. I knew it was on when Slayer's Angel of Death came on. (I actually heard Annialator We had fun flat breads and rocked out with our brewskies. It turned out to be an awesome anniversary and I'm so happy we were treated to such a fun evening.

Sold Out Lana Del Rey

Us after the show


The Octopus Bar!

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