Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The New House

I've been pretty silent on the internet lately because Lizzie and I have been searching for a new house. Due to our last landlord selling our old place early we scrambled to find a suitable new one with the quickness. We found a really cool gem an exit up from our old place and I'm happy to report we couldn't be happier. It fits our needs perfectly and it has a forest and a horse pasture. Pretty stoked since the woods around the house have trails and secret Narnia-esque clearings all through it. It's like our own playground/fortress of solitude all in one. So while I get back to blogging regularly, here are some pics of the new digs henceforth named "La Petite Ferme De Lapin"

Front views


  1. Epic digs, my friend! Keep an eye out for wolves, were- and regular...

  2. Awesome find, Nick! Glad to know that you and Lizzie found the perfect place for you guys. The house looks amazing. The garden really does make it look Narnia-esque. Looks like both of you will be having a lot of memories in your new home. I'm just happy to know that you both can't be any happier. All the best to you guys! :)

    Amos Daniel @ JamieHooper.com

  3. Thanks everyone! We are very excited about the place.