Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Dreadfuls

Lizzie and I are so excited to announce the arrival of our new website for our new quarterly publications of The Dreadfuls. The Dreadfuls are a fresh take on the Penny Dreadful but with new stories, new monsters and new adventures. 

We want to provide inexpensive yet quality publications every four months delivered straight to your mailbox that not only gives you fresh stories but also an array of new twists for your entertainment.

The Naughty Dreadful

Each issue of The Naughty Dreadful has a spicy (18+) short story in it as well as Victorian-esque tips for ladies. The first issue features practical beauty tips that may have been forgotten through time. To add to the excitement, each naughty dreadful comes with a custom sexy color photo shoot inside each edition. Yes, a centerfold if you will. But wait, there's more! To add to your ocular pleasure, every issue will have full color posters from the photo shoots with pictures not in the magazine (sold separately and once again quite inexpensive)

The photo shoots are done by some of the brightest and most talented photographers in the region, professional makeup and we feature some of the most red hot up and coming models in the industry. Lizzie wrote the first story, The Sanguine Deceit, a twisty yet sexy yarn about a mysterious woman that ends up on the doorstep of a lady inventor.

The Scary Dreadful

Want a little more chills in your read? The Scary dreadful features a braand spanking new spooky story from some of the best Steampunk and Horror writers in the underground and will feature custom art from new talented artists in every issue. I had the pleasure of writing the first story, called The Age of Wonder, about an private investigator in Lexington, Kentucky that encounters some otherworldly artifacts that lead him to a life changing and world altering adventure.

The best part is our website is NOW UP AND RUNNING! Check it out for more information on each issue as well as a store where you can get individual issues, posters and Yearly subscriptions for a very reasonable price! 

We debuted The Dreadfuls at this year's Steamposium in Seattle and it was a huge success! So, if you'd like to get something fun in your mailbox, check out an issue of The Dreadfuls at the website!

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