Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The A List

This again is another re-blog from way back when... (Probably a year or so ago on LJ.)But I have to give props and credit to Martin Bartloff and Ophelia Julien for making a similar post today. Every writer has it in their head what actors they would like to play the characters in their books. I for one love actors that value quality of roles over big payoff movies. (If they are good enough to portray a really great roll, then they should reap the benefits right?)

My A List
So I sat down and thought of an entire list of Characters for my Horror novel Fallon. Most of the actors are not your Toby McGuire or Angelina Jolie types. I like those sultry actors that have something to prove. I thought long and hard about this because I really considered what roles these people have played in the past, what their voice sounds like, and how they have moved me with performances in the past. Even though few to none of you have read Fallon, here is a fun cast list that I thought you might enjoy... as well as peak your interest.

Et Vous?
So what would your cast look like? If you write, who would play your characters?

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