Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is Your Online Index?

I made this up a while ago from an old Live Journal post I created. It is strange to think how much you are actually online. Not just in general, but how much you are actively doing something online. It hit me that some of us... especially writers, are spread all over the Internet in different forms. Think about all of the sites you belong to... The blogs, the social networking sites, the microbloging sites, the business networking sites.... This could go on and on. The thing is it is getting more complicated by the day.

The ever growing Internet is a beast for people like us. If we wanted, we could probably spend all day online just writing... Writing about life, writing about writing, writing to others... Again this could go on ad infinitum. I try to spread my online writing out as much as possible because honestly I feel a bit guilty if I spend too long doing things online. Think about it... Think about how much you could get done if you weren't doing things online.

Now don't get me wrong, doing these things is essential to a writer. I am a firm believer in the idea that writers have to support and promote themselves. They can't rely on their publisher, or PR person or whomever is on your side. Sure they can help, but they can't promote you like you. I hear writers all of the time talk about how they are not promoters and how they just want to write. Ok fine, but you better be darn good and darn lucky. Personally, I am more of a grassroots and DIY kind of guy. I love to mix things up and give people more than what they expect. My life is an open book. You can pretty much find everything you want to know about me online. Yeah, scary huh? Whether it is under my name, Nick Valentino or the online version, "Hazeltherabbit" you can probably find way too much about me by Googling either of those names.

So what exactly is an "Online Index"? It is a term I made up that is exactly that. It is everywhere you are located online. In the spirit of self indulgent indexing, here is my long list of online identities. So go on... use this blog. Tell me your online index.

Myspace (Book)

Myspace (Personal)

My Live Journal



My Website

Linked In





Book Mareting Network


Fall With Me

Goodbye My Empress

Email # 1

Email # 2

And of course this blog... But you know that don't you?

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  1. Shoot, I'm tired just reading your list. I can't keep up with all that I'm on and I'm not on nearly as many things as you are. LinkedIn, Twitter, blog, website, e-newsletter, co-op blog, GoodReads, MMA listserv, SinC listserv, Blog Book Tours listserv, 4 email boxes of my own, 8 company boxes ... I think that's it.