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My name is Nick Valentino. I write Horror and Science Fiction novels. More specifically, I write in the Steampunk genre of Science Fiction. If you are wondering what the heck Steampunk is, think if Jules Vern wrote a story with Indiana Jones and Hyo Miazaki then set it in an alternative history. Steampunk is basically a "what if" genre where instead of electricity becoming the dominant form of power, it was steam, alchemy and elemental science that took the world by storm. So in stead of cars being powered by gasoline or electricity, they were powered with huge steam tanks. Airplanes are replaced for the most part with enormous dirigibles. The age of the water born ship has been made primitive by the luxury and the splendor of these sky giants. As with all of man's endeavors, this boom in technology has given rise to powerful sky pirates, and warring states hungry for dominance over their neighbors.

Thomas Riley
My first Steampunk novel is tentatively called Thomas Riley which is about two weapon's designers Thomas Riley and his spunky assistant Cynthia Basset. Their country, West Canvia is locked in a twenty year war with the neighboring country of Lemuria. (I'll go ahead and give you a hint, think the French versus the Germans)Thomas and Cynthia are constantly inventing and producing a vast array of weapons systems that range from automated flame throwing robots to blimp bursting cannon shot for the West Canvian Air Force. When the duo are forced to perform a risky alchemic process, disaster strikes embedding a foreign soul into Cynthia, giving her a split personality. Thomas and Cynthia are forced to join with murderous sky pirates in a deadly race to capture the only man that can undo the botched alchemy, their arch enemy and counterpart weapons maker. Here is the cover done by my good friend and unbelievably talented Will Routon.

As for the Horror novel I have written, it is entitled Fallon and is about a very special Japanese American girl that is kidnapped by a mysterious man and taken back to Japan, where she is trained under the strictest environments to hone her odd and seemingly limitless natural abilities that defy normalcy in every way. There is something powerful and disturbing about her and everyone wants her on their side. These same people will stop at nothing to get her to join them or kill her. Fallon touches on deep Biblical references and touches the world of the divine. Fallon is part one in trilogy. The second novel is entitled "The Adversary" and the third is "The Triumvirate". I am very big on having artists do their own renditions of scenes from Fallon, but here is one from artist extraordinaire Daniele Serra.

The Young Alchemists
I am also working on a series of short Steampunk Young adult stories for Echelon Press Publishers also tentatively called "The Young Alchemists". This series is about Knox Wallingford and Lizzy Strauss, two teenagers that idolize Thomas Riley and Cynthia Basset. While they strive to be like them they run into a variety of adventures to help their country of West Canvia in their war against the Lemurians.

The Eye
In other business. I am working on a non-disclosure graphic novel called "The Eye" with R.W. Wells and Kenny Porter. I can't say anything about the story other than this is an exciting and fun endeavor. With some big name artists on tap, The Eye could prove to yield an entire universe of fun things in the future.

The Beer Blog
If you don't know already, I am a beer nerd, or beer Knurd in some circles. I love to try all different beers and after a while I thought... Why the hell am I not writing these down and reviewing them? So I started (Yeah to late for my past beer tastings, but oh well) I currently have 27 pages of different beer reviews and I am having a ball with them. While this is not in production yet, I am building a massive index of beers, reviews and ratings for the beer lover's pleasure and disgust. For example, here is one of My more favorable reviews:
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Ole Sam… Really Sam Adams Boston Lager is the American gold standard for beer. If we are in a golden age of brewing, this is surely a bar of platinum. This is the stuff that I imagine they were drinking when the declaration of independence was being written. This is the stuff the guys got lubricated on before they dumped the brits tea in the harbor. Hoppy, malty, and rich in flavor, this beer is the what everyone goes for buyt never quite achieves. If you want something with flavor and are not afraid of a little bite, this is the beer for you. So strap on your work belt, and get a six pack of Boston Lager. A revolution is waiting for you, this is your calling.
4.8 Mugs

A lot of my inspiration and support has come from Karen Syed at Echelon Press Publishing and all of her very encouraging authors from Echelon Press. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. Soon, things will come to fruition and you will be seeing all types of projects from me.

This blog will mainly focus on writing, but I am excited to branch out and comment on other things from time to time. So, I hope you enjoy! Please comment and follow if you are enjoying.

Love, Nick

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  1. And some cars were once powered by steam. back in Germany's 30's they were fitted with huge wood-burning cauldrons in the trunk.

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