Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nashville Roller Girls

If you know me, you know I am a huge hockey fan. In the off season, or when there is not a Nashville Predators game, I really enjoy going to watch home grown Roller Derby. It is almost always sold out and absolutely a crazy good time. These women are hardcore athletes and I truly think that this sport could become huge under the right conditions. The hits are vicious and the competition is fierce.

There is nothing like watching these ladies work their butts of (for no pay) and give it their all.

We enjoy this so much, I (as the best man in my friend Dave's wedding)scheduled his bachelor party around a Roller Derby Bout. It was a blast by the way. (He was put through the "Spanking Gauntlet) where he has to run through the roller girls while they spank him. Ahhh the good times. We always support the locals. I was orginally introduced to this sport by one of the girls "Hilda Beast" who gave free tickets to help raise money for Big Brother Big Sister of Middle Tennessee. I've been hooked ever since.

Another great part of Roller Derby is that these ladies are humble and cool. Not only do they host an open to the public after party after every bout, but they also hang out with the crowd, signing autographs for kids. No egos here, it is all about fun and competition. Here two Nashville Roller girls (Maulin Monroe and Lady Fury)hang out with some kids after destroying The Big Easy Roller Girls with a score of 211-34. Check out their website here NASHVILLE ROLLER GIRLS

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