Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The South Carolina Book Festival

The South Carolina Book Festival was held in Columbia, SC this past weekend and what a ride! We left Nashville at 9PM and drove until 2:30AM. Yeah, that was brutal. But we made it into town about 1:00 on Friday and set up the table.

Saturday the madness began. We had a constant flow of people through the fair and I have to say everyone was really great. I know I say that a lot but going on these trips really restores my faith in humanity.

The six table Echelon Press booth was awesome. Some great authors attended. Myself, Teresa Burrell, Sam Morton, Alexis Hart, Marc Vun Kannon, and Barbara DeShong represented. (By the way, I have to give another HUGE thanks to all the authors that attended. You all were inspiring in every way!) I think I speak for everyone when I say that we met some really great people. Not just because they were buying books but because everyone was so genuine and kind. Really, we had a constant flow of people through the booth and it's so nice to connect with people that are true book lovers.

I had Rebecca Wood, an opera student also helping me with the Thomas Riley table. Here's a young lady that has a bright future ahead of her. Many thanks Rebecca, I couldn't have done this without you!

I regret that I didn't get to see much of the other vendors or any of the panels at the festival but I was literally busy beyond belief at the table for two days straight. For recreation, the Echelon Press authors went to Longhorn where we had the traditional Saturday night meal. (Great times!) Stacey and I were also able to run over to the Liberty Tap Room for pints and Olympic hockey on Friday afternoon. Nice place and I recommend it to anyone visiting Columbia.

The entire experience while exhausting was absolutely amazing. Thank you to everyone in Columbia SC I can't wait to see you all again next year in May!

Ok so you don't live in South Carolina and you missed the event. No big deal. I'll be in Memphis TN at MidSouthCon March 12-14. I'll be speaking at three panels there as well.

- Saturday 5:00 PM Steampunk 101 Steampunk fiction is on the rise. But what puts the punk' in Steampunk?

- Saturday 7:00 PM To Market, To Market Finding the one that fits your work.

- Sunday 2:00 PM Coloring Inside the Lines Intellectual Property: What does it take to write creatively in someone else's world?

Don't forget to Enlist as a Sky Pirate HERE.

And if you can't make it to the events, get your signed copy of Thomas Riley HERE.


  1. Thanks for coming to South Carolina! I really enjoyed meeting you at the Book Festival. The "Reedy River Rats" live in Greenville, which is about 1 1/2 hours from Columbia. Next year, if you need a little-more-than-midway crashing point, you're more than welcome to take advantage of my ridiculously comfortable futon if you need a place to stay. Also, there's a Liberty Tap Room here right downtown, so you could dine at a place you already like! Ha! Look forward to seeing you again, Nick!

  2. Nick, you were fabulous at the festival and you looked great in your Steampunk costume. I agree with you, the people in SC were exceptionally nice and very easy to talk to.

    See you in Chicago.


  3. Nick: AS I say in my blog post - to me you were the hit of the Book Festival with your high energy and your love for steampunk. The Reedy River Rats are huge fans of Thomas Riley now and his creator. We went to the Liberty Tap Room afterwards for a debriefing and to develop a strategic plan for future cons, thanks to your inspiration. Wow - the panels you're on in Memphis look awesome. Hmm, I wonder how far that is from here? Mapquest here I come. I'm on chapter four of Thomas Riley and may get in trouble at work for reading it. Can't stop. Love the alchemy angle.

  4. I had a blast Nick, it was so great. I hope that I can join you next year! Keep in TOUCH!!!!