Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tour Dates Part 2

Things have literally gotten insane. It's a good insane but mind numbingly hectic to say the least.

First off I've started the second instalment of Thomas Riley. It has no working title yet but I'll be sure to let you know when it's properly named.

Also, the second instalment of The Young Alchemists is coming soon as well. It is called "Io & Calamity". More to come on that soon.

My favorite thing in the world is traveling and meeting awesome readers and writers. So in the spirit of getting out and meeting my fellow steampunk enthusiasts here are the latest tour dates. There are more but I'm waiting to hear back from some events.

3/12-3/14 - MidSouthCon (Memphis, TN)~Speaking at 3 panels
3/17-3/21 - The VA Book Festival (Charlottesville, VA)~Speaking With Noah Skalin
3/27 - The Almost Famous Book Faire (Clarksville, IN)
3/28 - Barnes & Noble Signing (Louisville, KY)
4/3 - Barnes & Noble Signing (Evansville, IN)
4/4 - Barnes & Noble Signing (Elizabethtown, KY)
4/9-4/11 - Steamposium (St. Louis, MO)
4/17 - The Alabama Book Festival (Mongomery, AL)
4/18 - Divergence II A Steampunk Ball (Nashville, TN)
4/30-5/2 - Anachrocon (Atlanta, GA)
5/22-5/23 - The Victoria Steam Exposition (Victoria British Columbia)
5/28-5/31 - The World Steam Expo (Deerborn, MI)
6/5-6/6 - Printers Row (Chicago, IL)
6/25-627 - Apollocon (Houston, TX)
7/1-7/4 - CONvergence (Bloomington, MN)
7/21-7/25 - San Diego Comic-Con

So come out if I'm coming near you. I'd love to meet everyone I can. See you soon!

And for you Sky Pirates represent with your patches and flight credentials.


  1. Great news, that you've started the next!


  2. That's awesome Nick! Have a great tour, and good luck on working on the new novel while all this is going on!