Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kindle Fire

For Father's Day I got something totally unexpected and awesome. Lizzie and the kids got me a Kindle Fire and a sweet Star Wars shirt. Being my first "official" Father's day as a step-father, I thought it was insanely sweet that anyone got me anything at all but I have to tell you it feels so good to be recognized in such a short time. For ssomeone in my position, things can be really hard from time to time and you don't always know where you might stand or how much you may be appreciated. So this was a really big deal for me. Everything really hit home in a great way due to everyone's generosity and genuine sentiments.

I've always wanted an e-reader, or Kindle to be exact, mainly because I wanted to be able to buy short stories and books from authors I like and am friends with. Now I can do that! I got David Blalock's, "Angel Killer", Norm Cowie's "The Guy'd Book", and of course Elizabeth Darvill's (Now Elizabeth Valentino's) Love In A Time of Steam and Bound By Blood.

I also really wanted to be able to get the free offerings that talented writers put on Amazon so it's super cool to have such a vast selection. I'm now able to explore people's work and become a paying fan with no risk. Pretty stoked on that.

So far, I love the Kindle Fire. It's fast, super easy to use and it's like a mini computer that I can take everywhere. It plays music, downloads books of course, lets me watch vids, surf the interwebs... Too cool! I realize I'm like 6 years behind everyone with the whole tablet thing but this is new for me so I wanted to squawk about it. If you're on the edge of getting an e-reader, just go for it, you won't be sorry.

While I'm at it, if anyone has free e-books or books they'd like to promote here, let me know! I'd love to help and read your work!

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