Sunday, September 2, 2012


Imagicopter is an awesome organization of authors and artists that is totally free to join. They book group book signing events, they organize anthologies, make magazines, send out opportunities of all kinds and they have an amazing group of authors that are some of the hardest working and nicest people in the business!

Here is their "What is Imagicopter" description:
In 2009, a group of writers got together and decided to work toward promoting their own publications while lending a hand to other writers and artists. From that came Imagicopter. "Imagicopter" is the umbrella name for the tour currently supported by authors whose works have appeared in Kerlak Publishing, Literary Underground, Meadowhawk Press, Seventh Star Press, Twilight Times Books, Third Axe Media and Sam's Dot Publishing and by Word Catchers of Memphis. With the cooperation of several small press publishers, local authors, artists, and booksellers, the project soon took off.
This is a voluntary organization. Participation on the site, at the events, and at the conventions we attend is also voluntary.

Elizabeth and I are also part of Imagicopter and honestly I can't say enough nice things about them. Sadly, we can't participate in a lot of their activities because we live in Washington but Im a big fan of what they do and the sheer kindness of group. They're top notch all the way and you'll get a chance to be a part of a group that will promote you while you promote them. Authors helping authors.

If you're an author or know of a talented writer that would like to be a part of a free and voluntary group, check out Imagicopter's website!

Also, check out their facebook page here!

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