Saturday, October 6, 2012

Out ov the Coffin

Out ov the Coffin is a goth/dark radio show hosted by dear friend of mine, DJ Ichabod. He's been on  the radio for years (14 years to be exact in this form. He also did the Ichabod and Ebeneezer show before that and I believe he did a stint as the host of the late night all metal show "The Haunted Mansion") playing the newest and most interesting dark music on the airwaves. Originally he was on Vanderbilt's own 91.1 WRVU but they sold the frequency or switched it or whatever to play strictly classical music after being Nashville's only true alternative to corporate music. Bastards.

Anyway, this didn't slow down DJ Ichabod one bit. He made a blog, a facebook, and took his radio show to the interwebs where he still cranks out the best and newest music of the genre to this day. Personally, I'm a big fan of Ichabod's and love to check out his show. While I hate that the radio station was taken off the traditional airwaves, I'm also stoked that I can listen to his show wherever I am. (you know, being in Washington and all...) Here's the blurb from his blog:

"Out ov the Coffin" is a specialty dark-music radio program, hosted by DJ Ichabod, designed to celebrate dark and interesting styles of music, from the goth perspective. Brand new entries are featured each episode, alongside older favorites and cult classics. Oft-featured sub-genres include: Goth, Gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk, darkwave, ebm, industrial, damnbient / dark ambient, dark metal, neoclassical, ethereal works, film scores, and theatrical experimentation.
Ichabod cares about the bands he plays and he cares about his listener's experiences. He gives playlists for every show complete with all the details that can point you in the exact direction to the band, the song, the label and the album. Very cool if you ask me. Also, check out Ichabod's band, Loss, who are making crazy waves these days. I'm really excited to see them when they're on tour here in the Northwest! I'll be sure to blog about that as well!

Check out, Out ov the Coffin and get your fix for all things dark. I promise you'll fall in love with bands and music you never knew existed.

Out of the Coffin Blog/Podcast/streaming site (You can stream it directly here)

Out ov the Coffin Facebook

Cool little known fact, Ichabod was a beta reader for Thomas Riley. If you only knew how much better he made it. 

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