Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Loss (The Band)

Sadly, since moving to Washington, we haven't gotten a lot of chances to see any shows. Seattle gets just about every band you'd want to see coming through at one point or another, so we need to really make it a point to keep our ears to the ground and get out more.

In October we were treated to a bad ass show in downtown Seattle from the Doom Metal band Loss. Interestingly enough, we're friends with the guys in the band (one of which I lived with for 8 years) and this was such a cool chance to see them in again as they stopped in Seattle on the second date of their North West tour with Worm Ouroboros.

Once upon a time I would have told you that "Doom Metal" was kind of silly but I'm here to say that I'm eating those words in a ten course meal. I've always liked Loss but about a year ago I saw them again in Nashville, TN and that was when I went from like to holy crap these guys are on to something awesome. With songs that range from crushing slow heaviness to almost Spanish influenced mellow sections, Loss really snagged me with some emotionally charged music that spoke to the part of me that gets obsessed with certain songs or entire albums.

I also picked up their album, Despond (Profound Lore Records), which I'll just say is absolutely awesome the entire way through. I like the record so much I have no idea what is next for the band. How can they top that? And if they do, it's going to be an album for the ages. You heard it here.

Live, Loss was even better than before and it was so awesome to see everyone again. I have to say, it's a cool treat to see people you've been friends with for like 16 years on this side of the country.

In a nutshell, Loss is a great band and I'm stoked to hear what they come out with next. I hope they get up this way again on their next tour.

                                             Loss in Seattle. (Sorry my pic is crappy)

Check Loss out here, give it a listen then pick up the album for download.


Loss' Facebook

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