Tuesday, January 15, 2013

October Blog Stats

Due to the blackout, you're just now getting my most unpopular blog post again. To reiterate, I do this to satisfy my own love for statistics and for those that are interested in how their blogs do vs. others. Not only does it help me figure out who and what does well view-wise, but it helps me plan blogs in the future.

So, the big winner is DJ Ichabod's "Out ov The Coffin" Gothic radio show, which I've been a fan of for yeeeeaaarrrsss. The close second was the post on Michael West's horror novel, Spook House. The big loser is... well, the September blog stats as I'm sure this post will probably be the least viewed this month as well. hahaha.

Here's the chart. See you with a new post tomorrow.

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