Sunday, December 8, 2013

The No Smoking Report

All in all it's gone pretty well. I have had some bouts of sudden grumpiness but I feel like it hasn't been THAT bad really. I don't think about it that much which was one of the major things I was most worried about but again, it's not that bad.

For those that don't know, I'm "Vaping" which is using an electronic device that has flavored nicotine infused water and glycerin that you breath much like a regular cigarette but without the tar and the other 2134135135 additives that cause cancer. Also, you can pretty much puff on this anywhere and there is no smell. Yay I don't stink anymore! So yes, I'm still in-taking nicotine but I feel like it's way better than smoking tobacco. Hey, and it's way cheaper.

It's been eight days since my last real smoke and I feel like this is totally doable. I'm still getting used to the vapor thingy. It's much stronger and really I would prefer a juice that's a better flavor than what I have but that requires a new tank, some extra time at the vapor store trying flavors and of course a new bottle of juice. Currently I'm puffing on "Triple Berry" from the Two Peas In A Pod juice company and it's ok but it sort of tastes like Red Bull which is kind of harsh and not that great in my opinion. But it's something I can live with for the moment.

I would absolutely recommend this as a way to quit smoking. It really works!


  1. Good for you! You're an inspiration to everyone who reads this. I'm going to show it to my son; he's 37 and I'm 65, and I really don't want to bury him...

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