Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I'm currently working on three projects right now, the steampunk RPG, Thomas Riley 3 and Tribes. It's kind of crazy to be doing this but right now I write which story calls to me at the moment. Speaking of Thomas Riley 3, I've been collecting a playlist for months now. These are songs that fit the mood of the third book and wow it's dark. This will give you the tone for book three. Here's a few songs from the list if you're interested:
Old Jacket - Regina Spektor
To Die Among Strangers - Rome
Six Pairs of Feet and One Pair of Legs - Julie Christmas
Friend of the Night - Mogwai
Moya -Godspeed You Black Emperor
Witchhunter - Zao
High Lonesome - Caspian

I'm not sure this counts as play exactly but somehow our Christmas shopping for the kids is almost done! That's amazing. Really. Then again, Christmas is only like three weeks away. Yikes.

Wow, The Walking Dead is such a great show. I have to say I'm bummed we have to wait until February 9th to see what happens next. Same with Castle... What is up with cutting shows off mid-season, right when the holidays are almost here? I guess viewership goes down during these months but, man... I hate it when they interrupt my stories. In the meantime, I'm quite enjoying Dracula and Sleepy Hollow.

At this moment, I have now gone  over 36 hours without a real cigarette... This is the first time this has happened in a long time... like since I was eighteen... I got a fancy e-cig that looks like a lightsaber and it works but nothing totally gets rid of the full need for a smoke, especially with all my history with tobacco. So I sit here right now, a bit jittery, nervous and on edge waiting for my body to stop yelling at me as if it will happen in a few moments. The feeling is akin to being underwater and running out of air knowing that a fresh breath is just above the surface but you never quite get there. You're just suspended there, floating with that annoying feeling waiting for it to go away to you can break the surface. While that sounds pretty daunting, I feel determined, I may list but I won't sink.

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