Friday, June 26, 2009

The Advocate

The Advocate by Teresa Burrell

It’s no wonder Terresa Burrell can sell 87 books at a book fair without having a single hard copy on hand. Her legal suspense novel, The Advocate is a wonderful twisty novel with a surprise around every corner. This isn’t your normal court room story, The Advocate is packed full of real human emotion from an author that has been there and done it all when it comes to the juvenile court system. It actually gives me shivers that some of the cases mentioned in the book are probably real.

As you know, legal suspense can sometimes be a bit dry and drawn out. The reader is taken through each objection, overruling and cross examination with excruciating clinical detail. The Advocate gives the reader just the opposite. Burrell has crafted a story packed full of action and excitement with identifiable characters that will have you turning the pages so quickly your fingers will ache with paper cuts.

Fans of the courtroom scenes don’t fret, there’s plenty of quality legal goodness that actually helped me better understand what it’s like to be an attorney in the juvenile court system. I never realized how much compassion goes into that job.

I quickly found myself falling in love with the characters, from heroine Sabre Brown, to her chain smoking best friend Bob and even the powerful Murdock family. (Who Sabre is representing.) The Advocate constantly builds tension and mystery with an ending that will leave your jaw wide open. Go on, I dare you to try to figure it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Definately buy the book here.
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  1. Wow. Sounds like an interesting book. Will surely try to get hold of a copy. Nicely described!!

  2. I'm exited for Teresa and about my own self as TFN will be Nicks next read :-)

    Congratualtion on the great establishment of woriting "The Advocate" Teresa.


  3. Thanks, Martin and Zeba, and thank you Nick for the wonderful endorsement. T