Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missing In Action

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have gotten really crazy. So crazy that I figured I'd write down a bit of it and fill you in. Here is my life for the last few weeks:

Where is my mind?
All over the place! I'm so not kidding. Every night I have been working on the new house. It is absolutely unreal the nasty and foul things you can get into when buying a house that needs a little work. Toilets, AC, bugs, chemical sprays, acetone cleaners, gutters to be cleaned... This list is endless. I haven't even had time to blog much, which is annoying as hell. Really... I work all day, I run home, change clothes and bust it over to the new place for more work work work. So... I am just going to make it happen until Friday, which I have dubbed "The Day Of Inspiration". This is the day that I fly out to Kansas City for my research trip!

Ole KC
I am rolling out in the morning and much to my surprise, this seemed to come at a crazy time when the house needs tons of work. I'll be honest with you... I really need this break from the house work. I have had my hands in places I never thought they would be in the last few weeks and I am ready to get away from everything, by myself and get inspired to write. There is nothing quite like being lonley as hell in a new city with nothing to do but explore weird places and study your surroundings. So, I plan on running around to some "haunted" places (and a bus station) by day and hitting up a few micro-breweries at night where I will sit like a goon and write notes, thoughts and ideas I gathered throughout the day.

Nocturnal Pulse
I am nervously excited about heading to Stull. I know pretty much what it's going to be... Nothing. Seriously, I read they have about 20 people that live in the tiny town. So that brings up a little oddness... here is this guy (me with a backpack, a notepad and a laptop strolling through their graveyard that is right next to the highway. Really I would like to spend a few hours there, but I'm a little afraid I'm going to get into trouble since it's on private property. You know what though? Who cares! Yeah that's a statement, not a question. They can arrest me if they like. I'm just there writing. If I go to jail, I'll give you all the fun details. If they shoot me because I'm trespassing... well, that sucks and if you never see me on here again, please feel free to spread their murderous actions all over the Internet and bring as much attention to Stull Kansas as you can. (Apparently the residents HATE the attention their demonic graveyard brings)

In other really cool news
Echelon Press assigned me an editor. Rochelle Bailey. I'm super stoked about this! So things are rolling along nicely. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Thomas Riley has his own myspace page. This will be the precursor to his personal blog, where he will do all of the talking as he does on his myspace page. Oh the fun you can have with social networking. Take a look: www.myspace.com/sirthomasriley

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  1. Hmm, that's an idea, give Andy his own myspace. I might do that.