Monday, May 3, 2010

Anachrocon in Atlanta GA

Anachrocon is a steampunk event (Con) that I heard about last year. Apparently it was so popular last year that it was extended from 1 day to 3 days. I originally met most of the Atlanta based steampunk crews at The Mechanical Masquerade (which is an every other month 1 night dance, vending, burlesque, all around good time event held in Avalon Estates GA which is right outside of Atlanta.) So I can't tell you how good it was to show up at Anachrocon and see a bunch of familiar faces and uber friendly people. I can't tell you how pleased I am about the friends I made and the awesome relationships I now have with these people. I'm sorry I say that a lot but it's true. I really feel like I have family all over the country now.

On to the con...
Anachrocon was held at the Wellesly Inn in Atlanta, I showed up Thursday evening and settled in. Friday the entire thing started up at 1:30ish and off we went. William and Cindy MacLeod (the chief organizers, con planning gurus and generally amazing people) asked me to to a reading and a full hour on Thomas Riley. I'll just come out and admit that I've never done a reading and I've never had a full hour to talk about the book before. Needless to say, I was nervous. That afternoon, I went to the Spirit of St. Louis Room, sat down and did it. The room was not only pretty full but it was a blast! Through immersion, my nervousness disappeared.

(Photo by Paul Tod Rieger. Thanks Paul!)

That night began the room parties. The one on Friday is the ever popular and often wildest "Pirate Party" Basically people set up large but low cost to consumer bars in their rooms and have private parties. The result: everyone has a darn good time. Here's a quick behind the scenes look into the pirate party on Friday.

Saturday was a big day filled with panels and long vending hours. 9AM-8PM I think. I took off to attend Emilie Bush's reading of her steampunk novel Chenda and The Airship Brofman and I took an hour to attend a reading by Kimberly Richardson of Tales of a Goth Librarian. Both were wonderful panels!!!
Here's Emilie Reading:

Here's Kimberly Reading: (Heyyyy I didn't get a nice fluffy chair.)

Saturday evening was even crazier when it comes to parties. At least three major room parties were going on and everyone was enjoying the festivities that night. Here's some pictures:
The band, The Extraordinary Contraptions:

Burlesque by The Syrens of The South:

Regrettably I didn't get this gentleman's name but he had an amazing costume with moving parts!!

Here's me hanging with Steampunk Boba Fett:

And here's a shot of a Saturday evening room party. People always seem to take picture's of me and it looks like I'm angry. I promise I'm not. This was a great Mad Hatter Party!

(Photo by: Paige Gardner Smith)

You can't bring me down
So I have this thing for Suicidal Tendencies. (Yes, the old thrash band.)Sunday I woke to news that Nashville was having biblical storms. Not thinking much of it, I get a call that my house is flooding. So fresh out of bed, I'm running around like a mad man trying to collect my things and regrettably I was forced to leave early. After the insane drive back home we spent the day shoveling brown water out of the basement and trying to get things in order... what was destroyed etc... So once again thing's conspired against me but that's ok because you really can't bring me down.

To Canada and Beyond!
I have two weeks off. I'm actually quite excited about it. I have some writing to do and a a TON of catch-up with my Sky Pirates and emails for the book. So look for new stuff very soon. Next up is The Victoria Steam Exposition in Victoria British Columbia, Then The World Steam Expo in Dearborn MI then... the massive, the scary, the wonderfully chaotic Printer's Row in Chicago. So be happy fellow readers, you may just get a blog that's not just about my travels.

T0 all my Atlanta and Anachrocon friends: THANK YOU! I had a blast and I can't wait to see you all at Dragon Con and Anachrocon next year!

What? You don;t have your copy of Thomas Riley? Or did you miss me on Sunday? Pick up a copy (on sale at Amazon) HERE.


  1. Awe, you know we love you sweetie and are always happy to have you in Atlanta! So sorry about your house, we missed you on Sunday and hope that everything gets straightened out and that you have great insurance! The next Mechanical Masquerade is July 10th if you miss us too much to wait for DragonCon!

  2. You sure have had a rough spring. I feel for you and your family and all the folks in Tenn. What a mess. I hope insurance will cover any damages and your house dries out soon! It's so good to see you stay up through all your trials. You've got a great attitude.

  3. Thank you both for the encouraging words and love! Our house is pretty much back in order now. Really, we were very lucky compared to others.