Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally it's not all book stuff

So maybe you enjoy hearing about my travels and adventures. I enjoy writing about them but I know that's pretty much all you've gotten in the past few months. So, we're going to mix it up with a state of the union update.

Being out of town for the last 3 months straight has been amazing. If you know me, you know I don't like to over use the word amazing because so rarely are we truly amazed. But this leg of the adventure from Myrtle Beach, SC to San Diego, CA and many places in between has been nothing short of that... Amazing. While I'll give you a brief book update below here is what's up:

Wow. If you watch TV at all you know that Nashville had biblical sized flooding last weekend. Things are pretty messed up around here. While some people weren't effected at all, many lost well, everything. The surge of volunteerism in The Volunteer State is overwhelming and... I'll say it again. Amazing. People are coming out of the woodwork to help others, in most cases complete strangers mind you. Inspired by my city's work ethic and care for others, the Thomas Riley Crew will be hitting the hot streets tomorrow,(Saturday)to go help people we've never met. I'm quite excited about it really. Here is a picture that should give you an idea of what happened:

Also I was just sent this picture of Ke$ha (yes the pop star who sings the sickly addictive hit song TiK ToK) bringing massive amounts of dog food to animal shelters around town. I don't care what you sing, the respect points just went through the roof.

Two Weeks
I have two wonderful weeks to get my life back in order. You'd be shocked how little things get neglected when away so often. My yard looked like Cambodia just a few days ago and surely something exploded in the house as well... and that's not talking about the minor flooding in my house. So things have been a mad scramble to get everything done that I can before I leave again. Maybe just maybe I can find some time for some R&R with friends too. It feels like my pub outings happened two years ago. Think we're going to remedy that tonight with a visit to the wonderful microbrew makers Yazoo.

Ok the book stuff
My next trip is on May 21 to the Victoria Steam Expo where I'll be signing all weekend as well as doing an entire panel on Thomas Riley.

After that here's what my schedule looks like. Keep in mind there are wayyyy too many open dates for my comfort level so I'll be filling those in shortly.

-5/21-5/23 The Victoria Steam Expo (Victoria British Columbia, Canada)
-5/24 Barnes & Noble signing (Seattle, WA)
-5/28-5/31 The World Steam Expo (Dearborn, MI)
-6/12-6/13 Printer's Row (Chicago, IL)
-6/25-6/27 ApolloCon (Houston,TX)
-7/1-7/4 CONvergence (Bloomington, WI)
-7/21-7/25 San Diego Comic Con (San Diego, CA)
-8/27-8/29 ArmadilloCon (Austin, TX)
-9/2-9/5 DragonCon (Atlanta, GA)
-9/11 Bookmarks Book Fest (Winston-Salem, NC)
9/24-9/26 Baltimore Book Fest (Baltimore, MD)
10/2 Books By the Banks (Cincinnati, OH)
10/8-10-10 Southern Festival of Books (Nashville, TN)
10/22-10/23 Georgia Lit Fest (Statesboro, GA)
10/30 Louisiana Book Fest (Baton Rouge, LA)
11/7 New Orleans Book Fair (New Orleans, LA)
11/13 The Kentucky Book Fair (Frankfort, KY)
11/19-11/20 SteamCon (Seattle, WA)

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  1. You're not doing Hypericon? Nashville, June 5-7?

    Dang, I was hoping to see you, as that and ConTraception (Kansas City in Nov) are my only cons coming this year. Not doing D*C again. It was way too much for me.