Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Moveable Feast

This weekend was wonderfully kooky. We went to "Whaling Days" in Silverdale WA which is like thirty minutes from us. It's basically a fair with rides, food, bands etc... On Sunday we went to The Movable Feast in Tacoma.

I love food trucks and The Movable Feast featured 40 of them from all around the region in Washington. It was a free event, you just had to pay for the food you wanted and luckily there was tons of low priced samples. They literally had anything you could want, Cajun, German, Jamaican, ice cream, cupcakes, Mexican, Argentinian, Native American... to name a few.
We tried Gumbo from, "Where ya at Matt", Tacos, Native American Fry Bread from "Off The Rez", Cherry Fritters, Curried Chicken Pockets, and even a donut called the Homer which was a homemade pink frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles straight outta Springfield from "Original Sin Doughnuts".

This was the first annual movable feast so I'm already looking forward to next year! In the meantime, we'll keep looking for more awesome food trucks.
Enjoy the pics!

Lizzie getting a Mexican Coke with her taco.

  German Cherry Turnovers!

The Ultra Awesome Pig Truck!

                                                       Great Gumbo fom Where Ya At!
Bad ass logo and doughnuts!
The Homer!

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