Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was skeptical to join yet another social media/whatever you want to call it site as there's a million of them but Pinterest seemed nifty for some reason even though I had no idea what it was. I understood that you could "pin" photos and whatnot from the web and organize them into categories but couldn't you just do that on facebook?

Well, yeah you can but this is a little different. I asked around I've me insight on Pinterest and I got from some authors that the site was good for organizing inspirational pics for your books... That's good enough for me. I jumped into it, searching the web for anything that I could use as inspiration and low and behold, I started to like it! ow my Pinterest page has pics from my life, pics that inspire me for Thomas Riley 3, Jet Black and Tribes... So, if you look, you can get a secret glimpse into what might be coming next book wise. (The picture above serves as inspiration for the opening scene of Thomas Riley 3... This is the new Cynthia Basset) With any site like this, it's always a work in progress and I'll be adding things all the time.

So if you have a Pinterest account or just want to check out my pics and inspiration, check out my page here.

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