Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Books and blogs and interviews, oh my! Update

Hi everyone! So there's a lot of little things going on at the moment. First off, the re-edited reissue of Thomas Riley (1) (ZOVA Books) is coming out in exactly one week!!! Yep, next Tuesday May 14th it comes out with an enhanced cover and a fun extra chapter for those that can't wait for the second book in the series (Thomas Riley and The Maelstrom) to come out on June 25th. I have to say that I'm really honored to have a book that ZOVA Books and fans around the world deemed as worthy of a reissue! Thank you!

In about thirty minutes, I'm doing an interview which I think airs next Wednesday (I'll check that and let you know if that's correct) on Sounds of Steam which is an awesome website devoted to the propagation of Steampunk culture. More on that later as I'll be doing a blog soon about their sheer awesomeness.

The Blog Tour planning is going great but of course, I need more! So if you have a blog, website, podcast, radio show that I might be able to appear as a guest on, please let me know. You can of course reach me here or you can always email me: Hazeltherabbit@yahoo.com I'd be very appreciative of any help.

For a little fun, I love the new commercial featuring Hell's Kitchen host and chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay for the kid's show Team Umizoomi. Super funny! Enjoy!

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