Monday, May 13, 2013

The Thomas Riley Re-issue OUT TOMORROW! Tonight Sounds of Steam

Tomorrow, the re-edited, re-issue of my first Steampunk adventure novel, Thomas Riley, comes out on ZOVA Books! It has an extra chapter (that will immediately answer a few burning questions) for those that can't wait until book 2, (Thomas Riley and The Maelstrom) on June 25. It has a redesigned cover as well!

In celebration of the book release and for all things Steampunk, the fine folks at Sounds of Steam, internet radio, are having me on as a guest tonight!!! 9PM Eastern time, 6PM Pacific time.
They have a lot of amazing guests on tonight and some great music! Here's the details:

Sounds Of Steam, Why We Do, What We Do, in Steampunk, May 13th, 2013

Why Steampunk? What makes you passionate about this hobby, pastime, aesthetic, lifestyle, or whatever you want to call it? We tell you the our personal answers to those questions, as well as ask others. Interviews with Steampunk darling, Airship Captain, and Steampunk Murder Mystery Host, Nim Derringer; Author of the Thomas Riley series, Nick Valentino; and convention creator and host, Jeff Mach.

Featuring music from Professor Elemental, This Way to the Egress, Frenchy and the Punk, The Aeronauts, The Bewitched, Unwoman, Victor Sierra, Abney Park, The Extraordinary Contraptions, Vagabondage, Veronique Chevalier, BirdEatsBaby, CosbySweater, Bad September, Violet, The Cog is Dead, and The Dresden Dolls.

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What is Sounds of Steam?
It is a weekly, Steampunk-themed, internet-radio show, hosted by Travis I. Sivart and Chris Hall.

We have our usual weekly segments of Drink-Du-Jour, This Week In History, Opening and Closing Toasts, Upcoming Events, and Steampunk Music Hour. We discuss the influence of Steampunk in the world of movies, literature, music, gaming, and every other corner of culture we can find. We interview convention goers and hosts, artists, bands, writers, inventors, time travelers and craftsmen. We explore the hobbies, sub genres, geographic influences and fringe cultures that help shape Steampunk every day. All of this blended with wit, sarcasm and a pub-like atmosphere.

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