Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! (June Blog Stats)

First off, happy fourth of July! Hopefully you all are having a wonderful day full of family, friends, fireworks and adult beverages. The weather in Gig Harbor today is amazing and Lizzie and I are looking forward to some grilling and fireworks ourselves.

In steampunk/Thomas Riley 2 news, I got 1/3 of my first edits from Zova Books yesterday! I'm beyond excited! Amanda gave me awesome suggestions and I can;t wait to start on them tomorrow. We also have a new name for the new airship in the book, the Maelstrom, which will probably be incorporated in the title as well. More on that as I get some done.

Today I checked the blog stats for last month. Its funny because my blog stat posts are the least viewed, probably because it is a bit boring. But when you have thirty days to fill up, I feel the need to quench my inner stat geek with a the winners and losers of the blog views.

Last month the insane George The Animal Steele took first place with Elizabeth Darvill (Valentino) taking second. As I said, the "May Blog Stat" post was the big loser. So, here they are again in crab grass green bar graph for your enjoyment.

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