Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jen Wylie's Ring Around The Rosie

Free e-book alert! Seriously, you can't get enough of these can you? Jen Wylie's short story, Ring Around The Rosie, about a young boy who loves to play the flute and discovers mystery is now available on itunes, smashwords and according to Ms. Wylie's blog, pretty soon for FREE!

You heard me, totally free for a limited time. I love supporting my peers and I love supporting good writers even more! Ms. Wylie is both so you have no excuse to not give this a whirl. When you do, I'm betting that you'll find a new author to love as well. This story is good for all ages and perfect for a short fun summer read that will leave you and the kids wanting more.

Free on Smashwords
Free on itunes
Soon to be free on Amazon
Jen Wylie's Blog

Check out the blurb and get hooked:

Ring Around the Rosie, a centuries old children's song known by all. We all remember the song and dance, people telling us it was about the Great Plague...but what if the song was really a warning for something else?

Aaron is a normal boy fascinated with music. He loves playing his flute so much he doesn't even mind lessons over summer break. When he meets a strange boy at the park who seems to be just as obsessed they spend summer days entertaining children in the parks woods. But friends often have secrets, music can be magical, and even the most innocent of children's games can be more than they appear.
This story contains NO violence, foul language or

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