Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In the quest to continue the crazy life, Lizzie and I got a wonderful and sweet puppy! She may not look like a puppy exactly as she has to be about fifty pounds but we're so happy to share our lives with a ten month old Siberian Husky named Skye. We like the name Skye but we were going to rename her in honor of a Arya's Dire Wolf, Nymeria from Game of Thrones but we figured she was happy with her name and a little old to be confusing her more. So we stuck with her given name.

She's an absolute sweetheart and she seems to be adjusting very well even though she's only been here for about twenty hours. While she'll need a little leash training and socialization, she has an amazing disposition. She's a snack hound and LOVES to run. You should see her, she can fly! We really love her and are so excited to have her in the family. I'm sure you'll get the occasional update on Miss Skye as I like to share tidbits of my personal life with my blog readers from time to time.

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