Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells

I have the honor of being in a new steampunk anthology called Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells published by Kerlak Publishing. This is a super fun and once again super different anthology where the writers mix magic and steampunk or in many cases, magic vs. steampunk in their stories. So you get a wonderful mix of technology against mystisism.

My story is called "The Black Dress" and follows a Victorian paranormal investigator and her assistant as they chase down a spellbinding mesmerist in New England.

So go get your copy. It's available in all formats. Print, Kindle, Nook

There are tons of amazing writers in this one. Check out the list here:

Ironwork Falcon - Jackie Gamber
Discombobulation - Robert J. Krog
Moved To Action - Angelia Sparrow
The Taste Of Treasure - Kathryn Sullivan
Quest For The Dragon's Scale - M. R. Williamson
A Bit Of A Bind - CRS Bailey
The Leprechaun's Story - J. L. Mulvihill
The Witch Of Midnight Hollow - Alexander S. Brown
When The Heart Lies Open To Steam And Star - Anne E. Barringer
Wax Seal - Mandi M. Lynch
Survival - S. P. Dorning
The Black Dress - Nick Valentino
Words in Eden - Lewis Sanders
Time - Windsong Levitch
A Series of Steampunk Haiku - Michael Greenway
Flying Machine I (CAM) - Michael Bielaczyc
Flying Machine II (WASP) - Michael Bielaczyc
Dragon Chase – Emily Mottesheard
Apotheosis Jones – Nigel Sade

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