Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Games We Play

I don't recall meeting Sean Hayden in person but we've been connected online for quite some time now. He's been a really cool friend and I really hope to meet him in person one day. Sean and I are also in the international steampunk anthology Her Majesty's Mysterious Conveyance.

So, my main point of writing this blog is to spread the word about Sean's new paranormal romance e-short out on Untold Press. It's kind of rare that a guy writes paranormal romance and I think it's really cool that Sean is not constrained by the mainstream stereotypes. It's awesome when a guy can write a romance from a female's perspective and be successful!

So, he wrote this really great book called The Games We Play which is a paranormal romance that judging from the reviews will leave you "hot and bothered". Yep, for my YA fans, this is a spicy story and may not be the book for you... but for everyone else... you have to give this a whirl. For 99 cents this is an absolute steal!

To jump start your inner temperature, here's the description:
"A smoky bar, a few too many drinks, it had all the makings of a perfect night. It looked even brighter when he walked in. "Tall, dark, and delicious," she thought. Too bad Veronica didn't realize he was having the same thoughts about her. She looked very the predator. A shot with a chaser quickly turns into just a chase. Running for her life was not how she thought the night would end. Veronica had always had a thing for games. She could only pray she would win this one."

For some added incentive, check out the reviews that nabbed my attention:
"Hot, sexy and twisted. Just like the author." - Jen Wylie, Author of Sweet Light

"Sexy, sassy and served up with a twist, Sean Hayden's 'The Games We Play' will leave you hot, bothered and lusting for one more bite." - Katy O'Dowd, Author of The Lady Astronomer

"Dark and dangerous, suspenseful and sexy, this short story is a well-written, engaging tale of greed, lust and love." - Jenny Hilborne, Author of Madness and Murder

Get Sean Hayden's latest book, The Games We Play. You'll love that you did!

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